The extension of paternity leave to 28 days will be implemented from July next year

[Global Times comprehensive report] French men’s paternity leave will be extended from 14 days to 28 days after the unremitting efforts of many “wet dads” and related organizations, and the new rules will be formally implemented from July 2021, according to a French report on the 23rd. < / P > < p > the purpose of extending the holiday includes promoting a greater role for fathers in parenting and promoting gender equality in the workplace. The Elysee Palace said the extension of the holiday was “an important social progress, which led France into the ranks of” advanced countries of paternity leave “. The French family association also believes that this is positive for children’s growth. During paternity leave, employers pay a small part of their pay, while social insurance pays about 90 euros a day for each person, according to the report. About 30% of French fathers give up paternity leave to make money. To ensure that the new paternity leave really works, the French government plans to limit a certain number of “compulsory leave” in 28 days. Companies will face a fine of 7500 euros if they prevent fathers from taking leave. 08/16/2020