The faster the growth of cancer cells, the better the effect of chemotherapy? The answer may surprise you

No matter before or now, we are still talking about the color change of cancer. After getting cancer, if we do not treat it in time, the condition will become more serious, and it will bring great harm to the body. Because everyone’s situation is different, so the growth rate of cancer cells is not the same. Some people think that the faster the cancer cells grow, the better the effect of chemotherapy. Is that right?

the growth rate of cancer cells varies from one cancer to another. The faster the cancer cells grow, the more sensitive they are to chemotherapy, so the effect of chemotherapy is really better. For example, the common lymphoblastoma, if not treated, has a high mortality rate, but active chemotherapy, on the contrary, may be cured.

chemotherapy is a common treatment. After cancer, many people will become very negative and think that they have a terminal disease and there is no need for further treatment. In fact, this is not the case. Now the medical conditions have improved a lot. Cancer is no longer the incurable disease for which we all want. Some cancers can be cured as long as they are actively treated.

the arrival of cancer does bring a great blow to people. However, being in a bad mood for a long time will do harm to the disease, and may accelerate the growth and metastasis of cancer cells. Therefore, after suffering from cancer, we must adjust our mood, establish the belief of conquering the disease, and maintain a positive and optimistic mood, which is conducive to the treatment of cancer.

there are generally two ways to treat cancer. One is surgical treatment, which is the most traditional treatment. It can remove the tumor and then cure it. However, surgical treatment is only suitable for early cancer, not for patients with advanced stage.

in the middle and late stage, chemotherapy is a commonly used treatment. Chemotherapy can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, but chemotherapy drugs can not only kill bad cells, but also kill normal cells, so the body will become weaker after chemotherapy. No matter what kind of treatment, early detection and early treatment, the effect will be better, the success rate of cure will be higher.

no matter what kind of cancer it is, it will have a great impact on the physical and mental health of patients, so we must take preventive measures in daily life. Many people are busy with their work during the day and eat casually. When they get off work at night, they finally have time to have a good dinner, so they will eat it. However, eating too much high-fat food and drinking a lot at night will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, and it is easy to get fat. It is better to eat a light diet so as to reduce the risk of cancer.

it is very necessary to adhere to exercise, which can enhance the body’s physical fitness, improve the body’s resistance and immunity, and slow down the aging speed of the body. There are many ways to exercise, you can choose your own suitable exercise, adhere to it, you can see that the physical state has changed a lot.

in life, many people will choose to eat maintenance products to fight cancer. Improper supplement and too much supplement will bring burden to the body. Want to maintain the health of the body, as long as more vitamins and trace elements, no more need to add some nutrients. The key point of anti-cancer is to keep a good mood and a happy mood, which can enhance the resistance and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

if you want to stay away from cancer, you must have a regular diet. Many people are always busy with their work and forget to eat. If they often eat a full meal, it is easy to cause damage to the intestines and stomach, and also virtually increase the probability of cancer. Regular diet can make the digestive system work normally, and then protect the health of intestines and stomach. Do a good job of body care, cancer will be far away from themselves. CUISINE&HEALTH