The fat cat weighs 26 Jin. She was abandoned because she ignored her owner. The woman gave it weight loss and only lost 1 jin a year?

This 26 Jin fat cat is called “Bijie”. At the age of 2, it has lost the vitality of a young cat. Lying down all day is the most relaxed way of life.

it is said that a fool has a fool’s fortune, but I think a fat cat has a fool’s blessing. Biggie, who is seriously overweight, was particularly important in August last year, because he experienced several things that affected him for a lifetime in this month.

Bijie once became an abandoned cat for a short time. He was too fat. In addition to eating and sleeping, he didn’t even have time to interact with the excrement removal officer, not to mention the cleaning work every day.

Bijie’s excrement shoveling officer doesn’t like it much. Because of his work, he basically stays at home every day. A large bowl of cat food is often kept in the cat bowl. Only in the evening can he get in touch with him for a while.

the way we get along with each other is like “sharing rent”. Bijie’s affection for the excrement shoveling officer is limited to food. His temperament is lazy. Even when the shovel official opens the door at home, he doesn’t bother to pay attention to him.

biggie is a cat that takes everything as it pleases. As long as there is enough food, it can live in peace of mind. Perhaps it is because of this character that it is not so depressing to stay at home alone, but it offends the excrement officer.

“such a fat cat, if I didn’t want it, it would not have a good life.” the shelter was not a place for cats to stay for a long time. According to the Convention, the staff posted Bijie’s information on the Internet, but let Sara, who was brushing the post, met her at the first time. She was the only one who left a message to bJet.

holding the fat cat of nearly 30 jin, Sara soon put biggie out of her arms into the cage. She didn’t want to adopt BJer at first. She was going to give him weight loss and send him out.

when he saw the new excrement shoveling officer, Bijie still showed his indifferent expression. He was lying on his stomach in the cage, he was lying on his stomach in the car, even when he went home for dinner Well, I had to struggle to get up when I went to the bathroom.

as a result, this post became popular. Some people said that Sarah was very good and was willing to help a fat cat; others said that Sarah would abuse BJer, just to hype.

anyway, Bijie unexpectedly got fans in a very short time. One of the fans said something to the point: “I think BJer is very beautiful anyway. At least, when I look at its old God, I also relax.”

Bijie doesn’t know what fans he has. He just thinks that he has so many things to trust him. He needs to stand up many times before he can eat snacks. The cat bowl will rotate around the house, and even the cat’s nest is placed on the window.

these are Sarah’s small ways to lose weight specially for BJ. She believes that as long as she can manage Bijie’s life well, she can make the fat cat less fat.

such a mild way of losing weight didn’t make bJet feel bad, but the effect was not obvious. It had been losing weight for a year, and only then did he lose a kilo. It looked like he was almost fat before.

but Sara doesn’t care, and biggie’s fans are very happy, because they have seen Bijie change a little bit. So when Sarah counted how many people wanted to adopt BJer, she actually reached more than 3000. This is not a small number.

but I don’t think Sarah will send BJer away because she has participated in a lot of public welfare activities under the influence of BJer, which is of great benefit to her career. So at the beginning, she said that she was going to send and raise BJer, which was nothing.