The fate of Americans is in the hands of the new crown

There are still nearly 40000 newly diagnosed cases and nearly 500 new deaths. Although there has been a decline, but the decline is not obvious, still can not reach the level of epidemic control. In the United States, large-scale influenza outbreaks occur every year, and many people die as a result. The highest number was 70000. If the flu and the new crown at the same time, it must be enough for Americans to drink a pot. < / P > < p > even if there is no influenza in autumn and winter this year, the new epidemic situation will basically rebound in winter. Because it is obviously futile to open and close at the same time. It is difficult to eliminate the economic and epidemic crisis, and more serious social unrest will be faced. Trump changed what he did not know after consulting

, after he dismissed a mentally retarded consultant. The first thing the consultant took office was to push for a mass immunization programme. < / P > < p > according to the report, radiologist Scott atlas advocated a Swedish model to deal with the covid-19 epidemic, which allowed the virus to infect healthy people, but only protected the elderly and the elderly. < p > < p > atlas told earlier this month that the coronavirus is very dangerous for high-risk people, but “not very dangerous” for low-risk people.

seems trump has opened a new strategy for epidemic prevention, that is, the group immunization strategy. This may be mainly because the vaccine is hopeless, and it can only be accepted. But this can not be said from the mouth of trump. It is natural for the health consultant to speak. Is this the early vaccination for the American people? < p > < p > at present, vaccines in the United States have been completely politicized, and the world is watching. If it is forced to approve the application in November, it will play a limited political role and even have side effects. At present, it is impossible to take strict control measures in American society. With the current situation in the United States, it is impossible to control the epidemic. It will be sooner or later that there will be a strong rebound in the epidemic. < / P > < p > it’s better to have a simpler one than to drag on like this. If all the people are infected, no one will care about the epidemic. It is imperative to treat the epidemic situation as influenza. Recently, more and more studies are denying the role of vaccines. On the one hand, the cases of secondary infection were exposed continuously, on the other hand, the new coronal infection was exposed, which may have the phenomenon of immune dependent enhanced response. This suggests that vaccination is not only ineffective, but may even be harmful. The increase of secondary infection may be inevitable. Therefore, we can only give up the vaccine that has been promised for a long time, and we can only place our hope on the mass immunization. The fate of Americans can only be in the hands of the new coronavirus. Focus