The first 1000 days of life, mother and baby grow up healthily, and act as escort for newborn

In 2020, China’s healthy growth of mothers and infants has reached 43 times since the end of August. It has entered 39 cities and covered 23 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government. It has been fully supported by brands such as Mead Johnson, Yili, jiabeiaite, Wyeth, baby king, xiaofeixiang, Leyou, Aiying station, Aiwa, nanguobao and other brand units, and the cooperative media such as Sina parenting carried out the full coverage.

from November 21 to 22, Wanlixing continued its road of public welfare and entered Luoyang of Henan, Fuyang of Anhui, Xiamen of Fujian, Haikou of Hainan and Liuzhou of Guangxi.

Wanlixing of Luoyang Railway Station invited Mr. Yang Jian, director of child development research center of Wuhan University, to bring a theme lecture to the parents. In the lecture, the four directions of human intelligence instinct, children’s subconscious education in the first three years, cognitive characteristics of infants and young children, and early education are quality education. The on-site parents study hard and actively participate in the interaction. The lecture is deeply loved by the parents on site.

a lecture on the theme of Liuzhou station was presented by Yan Siping, deputy director of Obstetrics and Gynecology, people’s Hospital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Teacher Yan starts from the problems faced by children in life, and imparts the solutions to the problems patiently and carefully to mothers through explanation, interaction, question and answer. It has been well received by the majority of parents.

as a strategic partner of Xiamen and Haikou, Gabriel actively cooperates with the organizers to ensure the smooth holding of the two stations’ public welfare activities. Zhang Feng, director of the child health care center of Beijing Children’s Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, director Zhang Feng, a famous expert, and Zhu Fangyi, a national second-class psychological consultant, were invited to give lectures on science popularization to the majority of school-age parents. After the lecture, the parents gathered around the teacher for a long time, hoping that the teacher would continue to answer the confusion on the way to parenting.

on the 22nd, Wanlixing of Fuyang station and Yili jinlingguan invited Yang rongqiang, director of Clinical Nutrition Department of Anhui children’s Hospital, to give a knowledge lecture to the parents. Guided by nutrient deficiency and excessive adverse reactions, director Yang explained in detail the dietary guidelines for pregnant women, dietary guidelines for pregnant women, dietary guidelines for lactating women, breastfeeding guidelines for infants within 6 months, and feeding guidelines for infants aged 7-24 months. He also actively interacted with Baoma to solve their doubts. 08/16/2020