The first cup of milk tea in autumn? forget it! The first drop of hyaluronic acid in autumn is the right way to resist autumn dryness

From 52 yuan of milk tea to 520 yuan of red packets, from love takeout to Starbucks, how many people know that this is actually a marketing plan promoted by marketing organizations?

it’s a coincidence that yesterday, in my circle of friends, I saw that a salesman was celebrating his success. The first cup of milk tea in autumn was a topic marketing created by them for a new milk tea shop. In addition to his admiration, I just want to tell my female friends that it is better to save the money for the first cup of milk tea and spend it on hyaluronic acid.

excessive intake of sugar will cause glycosylation reaction of cells, that is, it will cause premature aging of skin. Anti glycosylation is now as important as antioxidation. How can you add sugar to yourself?

acne muscle, face has a lot of closed mouth, there are a lot of invisible but touch small pimple skin, once drink too much milk, it is easy to burst out of acne.

autumn is a season between the summer humidity in summer and the drought in winter, but it is easy to cause dry and itchy skin. If this time did not do a good job in the basic skin care work, then once the winter dry skin will feel very uncomfortable.

but if you have oily skin or mixed skin, in the autumn season, if you use skin care products that are too moisturizing and moisturizing, it will also cause the skin to be too greasy at present, and even suffocate and shut up.

as a very basic ingredient in skin care products, in fact, its price is not expensive. Most skin care products with moisturizing effect will add more or less.

high molecular weight hyaluronic acid is very lubricating. When it is applied to the skin surface, it will form a thin transparent film, which has the effect of moisturizing. But its percutaneous absorption rate is relatively low, especially when the skin condition is relatively healthy, its role basically stays in the stratum corneum.

but if your skin is damaged, the golden skin permeability of hyaluronic acid will also be enhanced, and even high molecular weight hyaluronic acid can penetrate into the damaged skin in large quantities.

so when you use hyaluronic acid, you are surprised at the improvement and repair of skin. Under normal skin conditions, the use of hyaluronic acid is only a silent moisturizing effect.

as a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate has good repair ability, but it can also release inflammatory signals of skin damage to the human body. Therefore, if your skin is in a normal state, use such low molecular hyaluronic acid instead. Easy to cause chronic inflammation of the skin, over time will accelerate aging.

in fact, I don’t recommend using ingredients with molecular weight less than 200kda for acne skin and inflamed skin. However, it is very difficult for ordinary consumers to understand the molecular weight from the composition table. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid products that mainly hydrolyze hyaluronic acid.

you can see that hyaluronic acid is good, but it also has many ways. Even if the security is high and you want to use it properly, you still need to work hard. That’s why I recommend the use of professional hyaluronic acid manufacturers or brands, because they have a thorough study of this ingredient, including molecular weight, concentration and derivative forms. In the use of the effect, consumers can also be more at ease.

balea beauty effect lifting Kur this is the first time that I have felt the great repairing power of hyaluronic acid. The skin damaged by dermatitis has recovered after three days of use, even without color.

this time, it is convenient to take the ampoule out of the house. In fact, the official recommendation was for 35-45 years old, but the latest version of the outer packaging recommendation has changed to 30-50 years old.

because it contains hyaluronic acid, it is not so easy to pull out, although it is not waiting for water seepage, and there will be no side effects because the face is not dried in time. Another advantage of

is its fine spray. In addition to skin damage and high permeability barrier damage state, general skin can be used. It can be used after make-up, but I prefer to pat it three times before make-up.

Yee hyaluronic acid water light muscle solution mask is the raw material of hyaluronic acid raw material. Yi Lian skin care line is most worth buying. I think the most recommended product is still concentrated in hyaluronic acid.

five kinds of hyaluronic acid are used, and the molecular weight from large to small is: macromolecular hyaluronic acid acetylated hyaluronic acid, small molecular hyaluronic acid patent silylated hyaluronic acid, patent hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, permeability and water holding capacity are good, and there is no film feeling on the skin surface.

of course, the simulated sebum system of ceramide and the extract of licorice root, Sophora flavescens root and Scutellaria baicalensis root also have nourishing, anti-inflammatory and stabilizing effects on the skin.

these four are my own products, Balea’s ampoules and lotus spray. I’ve been storing them for several years, and the other two facial masks are new attempts this year. The common feature is: they are very cheap.

so instead of using milk tea money to get fat and ugly, I suggest you consider stocking some professional hyaluronic acid skin care products. Before the occurrence of autumn dryness, it is the king’s way to get rid of it=“ ” target=”_ blank” rel=”noopener”>CUISINE&HEALTH