The folic acid that the hospital sends free, with drugstore 231 boxes, what difference is there? I’ll understand after reading it

When it comes to folic acid, it is estimated that many friends know that folic acid must be taken in early pregnancy, which can prevent fetal neural tube defects; folic acid should also be taken in preparation for pregnancy, which can maintain folic acid in the body at a relatively stable level, ensure a good nutritional state in the early embryo, and promote the later development of the baby.

but when you walk into the drugstore, there are many kinds of folic acid and the prices are different. How should you choose? And the hospital will send folic acid free of charge. What’s the difference between this kind of free and the two or three hundred and one boxes in the drugstore? Today we’re going to talk about folic acid.

the free folic acid provided by the hospital is basically pure folic acid, while the folic acid purchased by the pharmacy is mostly compound folic acid tablets, which contains more ingredients. It can provide other nutrients while supplementing folic acid, so the price will be relatively expensive.

did you pay attention to the label of folic acid outer package? The hospital’s free folic acid has the label of “national medicine brand” on the outside of the package, while the pharmacy’s 231 boxes of folic acid basically have the label of small blue cap. Folic acid with the logo of “national medicine brand” belongs to medicine, while folic acid with the logo of “little blue cap” purchased by pharmacies is health care products.

the free folic acid provided by the hospital is beneficial to the people. Generally speaking, after pregnancy or during pregnancy preparation, you can take your ID card to the community hospital or maternal and child health care hospital for consultation and collection. The two or three hundred and one boxes of folic acid in the drugstore are for profit. Whether it’s packaging, sales or advertising promotion, they all cost a lot of money, which should be shared equally in the cost of the product Of course, the price is more expensive.

folic acid is a kind of water-soluble vitamin. Its most important function is to produce red blood cells and white blood cells, and enhance human immune ability. In general, folic acid should be supplemented before and after three months of pregnancy. In this regard, many friends do not understand, early pregnancy folic acid supplement is no problem, but before pregnancy is necessary?

if women take folic acid before pregnancy to make folic acid level in the body suitable for fetal development, it will greatly reduce the probability of fetal development defects, and also reduce the possibility of drinking women suffering from breast cancer to a certain extent. Therefore, it is suggested that pregnant women should be able to take folic acid, preferably 3 months in advance.

However, not all women can take folic acid. Some women have side effects such as delayed menstruation, nausea and vomiting after taking folic acid. In this case, don’t worry too much. You can see a doctor to check if there are other problems. If you are only sensitive to folic acid, you can stop taking folic acid temporarily, eat more food rich in folic acid, and get enough food through dietary supplements Folic acid, such as spinach, lettuce, cauliflower, rape, cabbage; orange, hawthorn, strawberry, cherry, banana, lemon grape, kiwi, apple and so on.

early pregnancy is a critical period for fetal organ system differentiation and placenta formation. If pregnant women lack folic acid, it is likely to lead to fetal malformations, neural tube defects, and even increase the risk of spontaneous abortion.

Moreover, after pregnancy, women’s demand for folic acid has increased fourfold, and food can not meet their needs at all, so they can only get it by taking folic acid tablets. This also means that pregnant women can no longer be as pregnant, through food to supplement, must follow the doctor’s advice to take folic acid.

according to the investigation of relevant departments, the daily intake of folic acid of women of childbearing age in China is only 266 μ g, but the actual daily intake of folic acid during pregnancy is 600-800 μ g. therefore, it is recommended that women of childbearing age supplement 400 μ g of folic acid every day during pregnancy preparation and early pregnancy, basically one tablet a day.

there are many kinds of folic acid on the market, some of which are 0.4 mg, one tablet a day for pregnant women; some of which are more than 0.4 mg / tablet, generally suitable for pregnant women with severe anemia and extremely low folic acid content in the body. We must pay attention to the choice, the best check according to the actual situation of the body.

1. Taking time: 24 hours a day, the best time to take is in the morning, half an hour or an hour after breakfast, when the absorption efficiency of folic acid is relatively high.

2. Severe pregnancy vomiting: if pregnant women have severe pregnancy vomiting, they will regurgitate and spit out every time they take folic acid. You can grind folic acid tablets into powder, and then take it with water. The effect is the same.

3. Effect on absorption: folic acid can not be taken together with vitamin C, otherwise it is not conducive to the absorption and digestion of folic acid by the intestines and stomach, which will reduce the efficacy of folic acid.

4. Don’t overdo it: folic acid is good, but too much is not enough. Generally speaking, pregnant women can supplement 0.4 mg folic acid every day. If the anemia is serious, or the folic acid content in the body is particularly low, you can increase the intake of folic acid under the guidance of your doctor. However, if you take a large amount of folic acid without permission, it is likely to cause adverse effects on pregnant women and fetus, such as

nausea, abdominal distension, loss of appetite, and even nervous system disorders; affect renal function, causing kidney disease; cover up the early manifestations of vitamin B12 deficiency, leading to serious nervous system damage; reduce the critical value of seizures, increase sensitivity It can affect the absorption of trace element zinc, lead to fetal growth retardation or neonatal weight loss, and even lead to perinatal death.

folic acid is a necessary substance to prevent fetal neural tube malformation. If the fetus wants to be healthy, intelligent and far away from malformation, pregnant women must take folic acid according to the doctor’s advice. As for whether to take the medicine from the hospital or from the drugstore, you can choose according to your own body. If you only supplement folic acid, the free medicine from the hospital is enough; if you want to supplement other aspects of nutrition, you can try the medicine from the drugstore.

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