The following habits are easy to hurt eggs, affect pregnancy, many young women often commit, in the hurry to change

Pregnancy and giving birth to children is a process that human beings must go through for generations. However, not all of them are smooth sailing in this matter. It is often a pity that some young couples prepare for pregnancy for several years after marriage.

Feifei and LeLe are a pair of good girlfriends. They had a very good relationship when they were in University, but their personalities were quite different. Feifei liked to play, often stayed up late to play games, and went out for drinking and dancing at night.

after graduation, they started their own families. Feifei got married in front of Lele. However, good news came soon after Lele got married, but Feifei’s stomach did not move.

there are many factors that affect pregnancy. Feifei didn’t care very much at first. She thought that she was still young and actively prepared for pregnancy with her husband. She should be pregnant soon.

but in a flash, Lele’s children are almost two years old, but Feifei has not been able to conceive of the baby. She is a little worried about whether there is something wrong with herself or her husband.

at the suggestion of Lele, Feifei and her husband went to the hospital for examination. The doctor said that their age was a good time for pregnancy. The main reason was that the female’s living habits were relatively poor, which led to irregular ovulation, so it was difficult to conceive.

if you want to get pregnant successfully, you must get rid of some bad habits, pay attention to work and rest rules, take good care of your body, and improve your physical quality and egg quality, so as to increase the probability of successful pregnancy.

and the quality of eggs is closely related to women’s age. Between the best childbearing age of 20-30 years, the egg quality is the highest, and women’s physical conditions are the best.

if it’s hard to conceive a baby at this age, it’s likely that some bad habits hurt the eggs, and many women are committing these practices:

staying up late to catch up with drama, singing and dancing has become the norm of most young people today. However, long-term late sleep not only affects health, but also damages women’s fertility.

staying up late for a long time will lead to endocrine disorder, irregular menstruation, abnormal ovulation, various body functions, premature ovarian failure and a series of problems, which is a major obstacle on the way to pregnancy.

with the continuous improvement of living standards, taking out three meals a day is also a very common thing, but takeout is basically junk food with high calorie and high fat, which is not good for health.

a large amount of unhealthy food can easily lead to fat accumulation in the body and weight gain, which will have a certain impact on the pregnancy success rate. Studies have shown that men and women who are overweight or too thin have a much lower pregnancy rate than those with normal body shape.

it’s the nature of every girl to love beauty. It’s normal for girls to show their waist and legs in summer and their ankles in winter. Some women still wear thin clothes and often shiver in the cold wind and snowy season.

if women wear thin clothes for a long time, it is easy for cold air to invade the body, causing uterine cold, dysmenorrhea and other problems, causing abnormal ovulation function and seriously reducing fertility.

the reason why Lele in the case got pregnant smoothly benefited from her regular work and rest. If a woman wants to have high-quality eggs, it is better to form a good work and rest habit.

try not to sleep more than 11 o’clock at night to reduce bad night life and stay up late. Before going to bed, you can drink a small amount of milk or do some simple gentle exercise to promote sleep.

keep away from junk food such as takeout, put an end to smoking and drinking habits, pay attention to adding high-quality protein, ensure balanced nutrition in diet, and eat more protein rich foods such as fish, milk and eggs, which are more conducive to the maintenance of eggs.

when reheating in summer, women should also try not to wear clothes showing waist and navel as much as possible, protect their uterus from the wind, do not expose neck, ankle and other parts in winter, and pay attention to keeping warm is good for both body and eggs.

having children is the right of every woman, but it is not a task that everyone must complete. Only by protecting their health can they have the right to choose to have children. Women should understand this. Focus