The food with industrial gelatin is on the table. To avoid cancer, throw it away as soon as possible

Food is the most important thing for the people. If the body wants to operate healthily, it must eat enough food. If the human body absorbs nutrition from the food, the body will function better.

because food enters the body directly, the food we eat every day must be safe and healthy. We should eat more vegetables and fruits, and we can’t eat some harmful substances. Therefore, we must pay attention to it when we eat.
eating too much food will do harm to our health. Some time ago, there was news about food safety. A cold skin shop was investigated. The reason is that there is industrial gelatin in the cold skin for customers, which is a carcinogen. If you eat too much, it will do great harm to the body.

so when you eat, you must pay attention to the food that contains industrial gelatin. Maybe it is in the food you often eat. In order to be healthy, you’d better not eat it.

gelatin is a common product in our life, and its application range is also very wide. It is actually a collagen hydrolysate, which exists in animal fur, bone and other places. Food grade gelatin, as long as the content is within the national standard, it will not affect the body.

However, many businesses do not use food grade gelatin, but use inferior industrial gelatin with low price, which is harmful to health. In our daily life, industrial gelatin may appear in the vermicelli that we often eat.

fans should be the food that many people like to eat, such as duck blood vermicelli, fried vermicelli and so on. If these fans taste good, their intake will increase. Some businesses add industrial gelatin to make their fans more flexible. Or when you buy it, you should see it clearly.

jelly is also a popular food. It can be fried or cold mixed. It tastes tender and chewy. Healthy and safe jelly is good for your health.

but in order to reduce costs, some illegal businesses will add industrial gelatin to make the jelly more elastic and glossy. So you should pay attention when you buy, high transparency, elastic jelly to buy carefully, do not eat indiscriminately.

gelatin is also found in jelly for children. In recent years, children’s food health has always been a topic of concern. Most people’s focus is on milk powder, so they will ignore some small snacks, and children’s favorite food is snacks.

businesses also grasp children’s love of snacks, so they will increase productivity. In order to save costs, the materials used are not good. Industrial gelatin is added to food grade gelatin, so a lot of jelly has good elasticity.

this kind of jelly should not be eaten. It would rather be thrown away. It is also a reminder that children should not eat jelly as much as possible. It is not only a matter of food hygiene, but also a health problem. When eating, if you are not careful, it is very dangerous to swallow it all.

industrial gelatin is very harmful to the body. If it is serious, it will cause cancer. Because it is not easy to distinguish, we should remind everyone not to buy things from peddlers. We should also pay attention to eat less food such as jelly and enema, ice cream and soft candy, so as to reduce the intake of industrial gelatin.

food is directly in contact with the body, so when choosing, we must pay attention not to eat indiscriminately. When we buy food containing gelatin, we must pay attention to see clearly the manufacturer and production place. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the dog belt in regular stores. When eating abnormally, we’d better not eat it, but rather throw it away. PARRENT&CHILDREN