The four kinds of food can be called “magic tools for promoting aging”. If women can’t stop talking, no wonder they are getting older faster than others

Compared with men, women are more prone to aging, especially after 30, the level of estrogen in the body decreases, the skin slowly loses elasticity, the aging speed is accelerated, the eye corners appear spots and wrinkles, and the appearance is not as good as before.

in order to delay aging, many girls will buy many bottles and jars of skin care products, which are applied every day to maintain their appearance and replenish skin moisture. But the speed of aging is closely related to diet. If you can’t stop your mouth and eat food to speed up skin aging, no matter how much maintenance is done, it will not help.

the main component of milk tea is milk essence, which contains a large number of fatty acids. After entering the body, it will cause endocrine disorders, reduce estrogen, and make pores thicker. In addition, the sugar content of milk tea is very high, and it is easy to get fat after drinking too much, and the fat is difficult to metabolize, which is also a manifestation of female aging.

many people like fried chicken because it is crisp and delicious, and even takes it as a staple food. However, studies have shown that women who eat fried chicken every day have a 13% increased risk of premature aging, and eating fried chicken for a week can accelerate the aging rate by 3 months.

fried chicken contains a large amount of oil and heat, which accumulate in the blood, resulting in slow blood rheology, affecting skin metabolism, prone to spots and wrinkles on the face, and accelerating skin aging.

the salt content of bacon is high. If you take too much salt, the sodium ions in the body exceed the standard, absorb the water in the blood, destroy the blood osmotic pressure, and make the skin shriveled and dull. At the same time, salted food contains a lot of nitrite, which will destroy the collagen of facial skin, reduce the cell vitality and accelerate the aging speed.

although coffee has the effect of refreshing the mind, it is a female “aging artifact”. Too much coffee, caffeine content in the body is too high, nerve is too excited, so the skin missed the opportunity of rest and recovery, accelerating female aging. In addition, caffeine can stimulate the brain, make it difficult to sleep, the body’s blood circulation problems, skin color spots, accelerate aging.

people will use “small waist” to describe women’s good figure, but when they reach a certain age, their body begins to become fat, with more fat and “bucket waist”.

this is a feature of aging. With the increase of age, the speed of metabolism becomes slower, and a large amount of fat is difficult to decompose and accumulate on the stomach. In addition, people do not like to exercise, their body becomes bloated and more and more overweight.

if the liver is healthy and the hair is well nourished, it will be thick and glossy, but the liver is damaged, the blood essence is missing, the hair will fall off, and the hairline will move back.

when a woman reaches a certain age, the liver’s catharsis function will decline, which will affect metabolism, Qi and blood imbalance, liver fire will be vigorous, and hair will become greasy and rare. When you find that the number of hair loss increases in the morning and the hairline increases, you should be alert, which may be a precursor to aging.

if we say what women fear most, it can only be wrinkles. In order to prevent wrinkles, women will buy a large number of skin care products and facial mask, and pay attention to skin care. But when you find wrinkles or spots in the corners of your eyes, you should be aware that you are already aging.

with the increase of age, the body function gradually weakens, the metabolism speed slows down, the blood rheology slows down, the collagen protein of the face decreases, the moisture is lost rapidly, and the skin is dry, wrinkles will be formed in the corners of the eyes. At the same time, body detoxification problems, resulting in pigment and toxin deposition in the face, the formation of color spots.

water is the source of life, accounting for 70% of the human body. Lack of water in the body can damage the tissue structure of the epidermis, resulting in dry skin and wrinkles. Drink water every day to promote circulation and metabolism, increase skin surface cell moisture, make skin look more shiny and ruddy.

staying up late is the biggest culprit of women’s aging. 11:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. is the best time for liver detoxification. If there is no rest during this period of time, the liver burden will increase, metabolism will be disordered, toxins will accumulate in the body, and the canthus of eyes will be very easy to appear color spots and wrinkles.