The four kinds of sounds benefit the fetus, improve the parent-child relationship and help the baby develop. Parents to be come to learn it quickly

Experts point out that mothers to be stay in such noisy environment for a long time after pregnancy, especially when the decibels are higher than 85, the fetus is at risk of losing hearing sensitivity before birth.

although children feel completely isolated from the outside world when they are in their mothers’ stomachs, they actually have the ability of hearing in about four months, and they can also make different reactions to sounds they like and dislike.

Qianqian has been pregnant for 5 months. She can feel the obvious fetal movement some time ago. She thinks it’s very interesting. Sometimes she also actively interacts with her baby. When Taibao feels her mother’s touch, she moves more happily.

in order to pass the boring time during pregnancy, Qianqian occasionally plays some music to teach her baby. However, she finds that the baby seems not interested in music and has no big reaction.

when Qianqian quarrels with her husband over a little trifle, Taibao in his stomach seems to have telepathy. The range of movements is very large and the rhythm is also extremely intense. It seems to be punching and kicking inside, which indicates strong resistance.

in fact, fetal movement is not only the action of stretching limbs and moving muscles and bones when the pregnant mother is bored, but also the response to external stimulation.

fetuses also have their own sounds that they like and dislike. When they hear the sounds they like, they will respond with joy and cheering. On the contrary, if they are disgusted, they will protest.

when the mother gives out a happy laugh, or a story telling, singing and other soft and pleasant sounds, the fetus will also feel very happy, and may wave her hands and feet in her stomach to express her response.

on the contrary, if the pregnant mother is in a low mood and often makes loud or low sobbing sounds, the baby will also feel bad mood, irritable and restless, so as to send out resistance action.

as long as Taibao is not born, they can hear the voice of the mother to be all the time, but only when the father is close to the mother’s stomach to talk to the baby, can the fetus feel the existence of the father to be.

when a father to be often tells stories to his baby, reads picture books and brushes his sense of being, Taibao will also feel very kind. In the future, the intimacy between father and son will be greatly improved, so the father to be should also participate in the prenatal education of pregnant mothers.

apart from the mother to be, the one who spends the most time with the fetus should be the father to be. Once they start to communicate with each other, Taibao will listen silently in his stomach.

when the father to be and the mother to be communicate peacefully, Taibao can feel the family atmosphere of parents’ peaceful coexistence and the good atmosphere of husband and wife’s love. The baby can’t help feeling very relieved.

on the contrary, if the pregnant mother and the father-in-law often quarrel with each other, and there is a big fluctuation of emotion, it will directly stimulate the fetus, and the risk of premature delivery may occur, so the pregnant mother must pay attention to it.

playing some gentle and soothing music to the baby is also a way of prenatal education. When the fetus feels the quiet and soft music, the baby will be filled with a sense of security and be happy.

experts pointed out that if the mother to be stays in such noisy environment for a long time after pregnancy, especially when the decibel is higher than 85, the fetus is at risk of losing hearing sensitivity before birth.

this kind of sound is the most disliked sound of the fetus. Their auditory system has not yet been fully developed, and their brain nerves are also in the development stage. If they are disturbed by strong noise, they may send out strong fetal movements to show resistance.

therefore, pregnant mothers should try to stay away from these noisy environments during pregnancy, even in entertainment places such as cinemas or KTVs.

when the fetus is often stimulated by various bad sounds, it is easy to develop a irritable and irritable personality after birth. Therefore, in order to cultivate a good personality of the baby, the pregnant mother should listen to more comfortable and pleasant sounds for them! 08/16/2020