The “four most popular” is the eye of thunder!

Do you really choose eye cream? Confused by all kinds of online celebrity recommendation, popular online and other words, we can always accurately select an eye cream among the big brands, and become our IQ tax. Even now, there are still many people who think that big brands are easy to use, and they are still blindly following the wrong path summarized by predecessors. Today, we’ll take a look at which 4 kinds of eye cream are not worth our paying IQ tax for him. Countless people trample on thunder! < / P > < p > Keyan’s avocado eye cream has a lot of grooves, and the price is not cheap, so it is not very cost-effective. First of all, it is very troublesome to use, but also emulsify. If you are not patient enough, you may grow fat granules and even feel not absorbed. Its effect is mainly anti-aging and moisturizing effect, to alleviate the dry lines of the eyes, in such a greasy moisture, it can really alleviate the dry lines phenomenon, but also ushered in fat particles. < / P > < p > its texture is very thick, and few people like such a thick eye cream, and it can not be absorbed instantly when it is applied, so it is not very good in the sense of use. A careless stuffy acne long fat particles is also a common thing, so many people start with it, not a few times on the idle. < p > < p > Estee Lauder anti blue eye cream has always been very popular, and the brand is also big, but in fact, fairies are not recommended to use if they are not rich. It is an anti blue light eye cream, anti aging effect, skin is more compact after use. But in fact, the top of the computer, we painted it again thick it has no effect, so don’t take it as our stay up late to brush the mobile phone to catch up with drama. It differs from man to man. It is not very effective for young women, but for women with loose skin, the effect is very little. Although the texture of

is not as thick as that of Ke Yan, there will always be a slippery feeling after use. It seems that if it is not absorbed, there will be rubbing mud after the subsequent addition of the cream. As expected, it is the eye cream that ladies will buy and use. After all, it is not distressed to be idle. < / P > < p > the relatively inexpensive Japanese bright eye cream was also popular in the whole network for a while, but now it has almost disappeared, and there are few people to evaluate and recommend it. It is said that it desalinates the effect of black eye socket is good, but actually used up a down change is not very big, can be said to be a more chicken ribs eye cream. < / P > < p > the texture is also very heavy, it is not easy to push away, and you will find the dust all over the world on your face, which is very sticky and hard to absorb. Rehydration effect is not very good, especially sensitive muscle is not recommended. Although it is relatively cheap, but the effect is not good, or do not start easily. < / P > < p > when it comes to L’Oreal, its purple iron eye cream is well-known to all, but is it really as easy to use as many net red said? It’s not. This eye cream has boson inside, which can lighten the fine lines, but its light effect is really bad. It doesn’t help the fine lines under the eyes at all. It’s easy to rub mud and fade the black circles around the eyes. < / P > < p > the ingredients of this product are not so mild, it is a little irritating to the eyes after being applied, and it is very unfriendly to fairies with sensitive muscles. If the skin is slightly more stable, it may be used for three or two, and it will not have much feeling. It can be said that

is not reactive. Because our eye skin is thinner, the texture of the emulsion is thicker, and once it is not well absorbed, it is easy to grow fat granules. Therefore, most of the skin care products used in the eyes are mostly clear and easy to absorb. If you can not find the right antiaging effect, simply moisturizing and moisturizing can also delay aging. You will find that not all big brands are so cost-effective, some even super difficult to use! Therefore, we must choose the eye cream that is suitable for us according to our skin type. The expensive one is not necessarily suitable for us. The suitable one is the best. Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here