The four signs on the head are probably liver diseases. Check yourself as soon as possible and don’t ignore them

Almost all the coagulation factors are synthesized in the liver. Once the liver function is damaged, the number of coagulation factors will be reduced and the coagulation function will be damaged. Therefore, we should pay attention to gum or nose bleeding, and nine out of ten are liver problems. < / P > < p > when almost all chronic liver diseases develop to a certain extent, patients will have a face with liver disease, which is dark and dull, and the skin elasticity is poor, showing a bronze face. If the liver function continues to be damaged, it can disorder the endocrine, make melanin deposit in the body, reduce the liver detoxification function, resulting in a dull face. < / P > < p > almost all patients with liver disease will be accompanied by yellowing of the white part of the eye, which is an external manifestation of the decline of liver function. Bilirubin will combine with elastin in iris, so that people have obvious jaundice performance. If the white part of the eye turns yellow when looking in the mirror, go to the hospital for liver function examination at the first time. < / P > < p > under normal conditions, the lips are ruddy and glossy, which indicates that the liver blood flow is smooth. But abnormal liver can cause qi stagnation and blood stasis, making the lips black. Especially the lips and mouth suddenly black purple, the first thought is abnormal liver. In addition, the function of adrenal cortex in patients with chronic liver disease is decreased, which makes the pituitary secreting melanocytes increase, resulting in black and purple lips and mouth. < / P > < p > liver function is one of the most important examination items in liver examination. Through the examination report, we can roughly understand whether the liver function is damaged, whether there is hypoproteinemia, whether bile excretion is obstructed, etc. When liver function is damaged, the most sensitive is transaminase. If transaminase is found to be elevated, it is necessary to continue to do hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and other hepatitis markers related examination. If it has been identified as hepatitis B virus carriers or hepatitis, should regularly go to the hospital to do alpha fetoprotein and liver function examination. If alpha fetoprotein continuously exceeds 400 or continuously increases dynamically, it is most likely that liver cancer will come. Hepatitis C and hepatitis B patients need to review hepatitis B virus DNA and RNA, can roughly understand the number of viral activity. Four items of hepatic fibrosis should be examined if it is suspected to be fibrotic activity. < / P > < p > liver B-ultrasound is the first choice for the examination of liver diseases, which can see whether the liver morphology is abnormal and whether there are liver diseases, such as fatty liver, liver mass, liver cyst and hepatic hemangioma. If the liver is occupied or suspected of hepatic hemangioma, further enhanced CT or MRI should be performed. If necessary, liver PET-CT should be done to understand the nature of the tumor and see if it has metastasized to other sites. < / P > < p > once it is suspected that it is a liver disease, you need to go to the hospital for relevant examination at the first time to see what kind of liver disease it is, and then targeted treatment. Usually you go to the hospital regularly for liver function examination and liver B-ultrasound every year, which can roughly understand the liver problems. At the same time, it is necessary to do a good job of nourishing and protecting the liver, balance the intake of nutrition, and actively reduce the burden on the liver. Pets