The four types of puerpera that doctors don’t want to meet most affect the process of labor. Don’t say they also suffer. Have you been recruited

The vast majority of women have to go through the process of “October pregnancy, once childbirth” in their life, which is also an important milestone in their life. Only they know the bitterness and suffering.

Xingyun chatted with her doctor friend two days ago and talked about all kinds of interesting things he encountered in the delivery room. After all, it’s a very important thing to have a baby. If she meets a difficult mother, frequent accidents are also very common.

we all think that it will be more difficult for old and overweight women to have children. After all, such pregnant women may have some gestational syndrome, and the risk of delivery is greater.

but my friend said that this kind of puerpera mainly has great physiological resistance, which is really not good. They can communicate with each other in advance for cesarean section, but there are several kinds of puerpera that they don’t want to encounter, which not only affect the production progress, but also may turn to cesarean section in the midway, which greatly increases the difficulty of delivery.

childbirth is not only a war between pregnant mothers and their babies, but also needs the cooperation of doctors and mothers. If the mothers do not cooperate with each other, the war is likely to become a protracted war, which is hard and painful.

doctors have given birth to too many pregnant mothers, and they have rich experience in midwifery. If they give birth under the guidance of doctors, they generally will not have too much problems.

However, some parturients have had a childbirth experience before, and think that they have completely mastered the delivery skills. They have their own ideas and opinions during the delivery, and they do not listen to the doctor.

this kind of puerpera is a headache for doctors, because everyone’s physique and specific situation are different, doctors have their own discretion and grasp, pregnant mother is too assertive, but it will interfere with the production process, causing unnecessary trouble.

this kind of pregnant mother is timid and full of fear of production, so she is very nervous in the process of production and can’t listen to the doctor’s words.

for example, when it’s time to use force, they don’t use force, and when it’s time to use force, they use force carelessly. This kind of lying in women who don’t listen to doctors is also what doctors fear most.

because childbirth is a long process, accidents may occur at any time. Doctors can help pregnant mothers to give birth to their children smoothly, and ensure that adults and children are safe. If pregnant mothers are not obedient, it is easy to be dangerous.

it’s a long time to have a baby. Some pregnant mothers are impatient and have a bad temper. When they feel pain, they may not be able to control their emotions and even be angry with doctors.

this kind of puerpera also makes doctors feel very upset. After all, it’s a critical moment to have a new baby. If puerpera don’t respect the medical staff or even do something, it’s easy to affect their mood, which is harmful to the production.

although there are many risks in giving birth, and the process is very difficult, as long as the pregnant women cooperate with the doctor and keep their mood stable, there will be no big problems.

some pregnant women are too timid to give birth, and even want to escape when they are half reborn. This situation also makes doctors very angry.

therefore, compared with these four kinds of “boring” puerpera, doctors prefer those who are obedient, calm and can control their emotions, so as to facilitate the smooth delivery of the fetus.

the correct breathing movement can promote the smooth delivery of the fetus. The pregnant mother can practice the breathing movement more before giving birth, take a deep breath first, and then breathe out slowly from her nostrils after a period of time.

although giving birth is a very private thing, keeping the right posture will make the delivery more smoothly, speed up the labor process and ensure the safe birth of the fetus.

so, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Anyway, every woman has a baby like this. Although the posture is exaggerated, as long as it can help the fetus deliver smoothly, there’s no need to worry too much.

everyone who is a mother is great. The pregnancy in October has passed. Don’t shrink back at the last moment. Keep a stable attitude and cooperate with the doctor. You can meet the baby soon! Focus