The General Administration of Customs issued a notice to carry out random inspection on children’s clothing and other import and export commodities

According to the website of the General Administration of customs, in order to safeguard the security of the country and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the people in accordance with the law, the General Administration of Customs has decided to carry out random inspection on some import and export commodities other than those subject to statutory inspection from the date of promulgation of this announcement. < / P > < p > spot check and inspection shall be carried out in accordance with. 1. Import commodities: Children’s wear, stationery, tie, scarves, scarves, toilets, dishwashers, air purifiers, printers, electric water heaters, microcomputers, television sets, monitors, garbage food processors, electromagnetic cookers, motor vehicle horns, motor vehicle reflex reflectors, motor vehicle brake hose, automotive interior accessories, dyes, pigments, coloring materials, etc. PARRENT&CHILDREN