The girl skipping 1000 ropes a day for 45 days. She gained weight, but her figure became tighter

The fat burning effect of running is really good, but there are few people who can stick to it. Because it takes a long time to run. If you insist on 40 minutes of running every day, few people will be able to keep going. As the “black horse” of fat burning in the field of weight loss, rope skipping is loved by most slimmers because of its super fat burning effect and short time. < / P > < p > compared with running, the benefits of rope skipping are obvious. Rope skipping is more interesting and challenging, and it is loved by more weight-loss fitness people. < / P > < p > rope skipping can not only make you thin, but also exercise muscles, prevent muscle loss, so that you can achieve the effect of shaping. For office workers, rope skipping can effectively alleviate the impact of sedentary on the lower body, drive away their fatigue, and improve the flexibility of body joints. Due to the short time of rope skipping, it is more suitable for office workers to exercise. Rope skipping is not for the field, you can jump rope at home. < / P > < p > a girl wanted to take a rope skipping training to lose weight. Jump rope every day 1000, adhere to 45 days, to see if you can thin down. < / P > < p > girls themselves are not very fat, but they look fleshy. She doesn’t like this kind of self. Trying to jump rope is also to make yourself have a better figure, like many people. When she first started skipping rope, she always stopped and gasped. < p > < p > but after one week, she was able to adapt to the intensity of rope skipping. At first, 1000 rope skipping was divided into 10 groups, and one week later, 1000 rope skipping groups were divided into 5 groups, with more groups and less time. < p > < p > in the third week of rope skipping, she has been able to jump to 400 in a row, so the number of groups is reduced and the time is getting shorter and shorter. With the improvement of her physical fitness, she will not feel out of breath for continuous rope skipping. < / P > < p > the most obvious is that when you start to jump rope, your muscles are easy to ache, especially the muscles of your legs. But now it’s not at all. Her muscle strength has been improved and her legs are tighter. < p > < p > after 45 days of persistence, her figure has changed significantly. From the back, the whole person’s body posture is a little smaller, the weight of arm is smaller, and the weight of waist and abdomen is smaller. However, her weight has increased from 53kg to 54.5kg, and her weight has increased by 1.5kg, which is all muscle weight. Because the muscle volume is small, the fat volume is bigger. < p > < p > with the increase of muscle mass and the decrease of fat, her figure has become significantly tighter. Although she gained weight, it was a good thing, because her metabolic level was also improved. < / P > < p > in addition, the girl’s physical fitness has been improved and her own mentality has been more optimistic. Therefore, it is a process from the inside to the outside. < / P > < p > sticking to rope skipping can effectively alleviate the loss of muscle, and can also improve the muscle content of the body, so that you can maintain high metabolism and achieve the purpose of burning fat and shaping. What are you waiting for? Get moving! Focus