The gluteus muscle that you ignore is not only the key to the hip and leg, but also the waist and knee support!

With the improvement of people’s awareness of health, more and more people want to achieve the purpose of building a body through fitness. Of course, the buttocks that are very warped, the back and arms full of line sense can leave a deep impression on others, so our training focus often stays on these big muscle groups.

but there are also many small muscle groups in the body. Although the effect on the appearance is not as big as those big muscle groups, because of their “small”, we often ignore their existence, but it plays a decisive role in maintaining good body posture and reducing injury.

today we come to know the star muscle of buttocks, gluteus medius. For some girls who often carry out hip training, we should have some understanding of it, because if we want to make our buttocks look fuller, we must make the gluteus medius strong, but our understanding of it only stays in making the buttocks fuller.

the reason why the gluteus medius muscle is called the star muscle of the buttocks is that it can make the buttocks plump, at the same time, it is more important to maintain the stability of the pelvis, as well as the influence on the body posture, and these two points directly affect whether the body is easy to be injured. Today, I’d like to follow the fitness coach Paul to understand the important points of the gluteus medius muscle.

in order to enable us to have a deeper understanding of the gluteus medius muscle, we should first look at its physiological position before understanding its importance. The position and function of the muscle determine its importance.

the middle gluteal muscle is a long strip-shaped muscle located on both sides of the hip, which is located outside the iliac wing, and the posterior half of the gluteus medius is located in the deep layer of the gluteus maximus. It is a feathery muscle, starting from the outside of the iliac wing and ending at the greater trochanter of the femur.

the functions of gluteus medius muscle are as follows: it can make our thigh abduct, the contraction of muscle fiber in the front can make our thigh do flexion and internal rotation, and the contraction of muscle fiber in the rear can make the thigh do backward extension and external rotation, and it is also the main muscle to maintain the stability of the pelvis.

gluteus maximus plays a decisive role in the overall shape of buttocks, but the strength of gluteus medius plays an important role in the fullness and three-dimensional degree of buttocks.

in our life, we will find that some girls’ buttocks are very cocky and have obvious training traces, but their buttocks are sunken on both sides. The overall hip shape is not full and not good-looking. This is the typical buttock shape with weak gluteal muscles.

when many people walk in life, especially girls, they will have pelvic shaking. This is a typical manifestation of pelvic instability, which is also a sign of muscle weakness in the buttocks.

when we walk, the contraction of the gluteus medius muscle on both sides of the hip can prevent the pelvis from tilting to the two sides. The pelvis is also known as the base of the human body. Its upper part connects with the spine and the lower part connects with the thigh. The pelvis is in a relatively stable state and plays an important role in the protection of various joints of the body. Just imagine that the pelvis is constantly twisting and the lumbar spine is also following each step Twist, how can such lumbar vertebrae not ache like this for a long time.

as mentioned above, the pelvis is an important link between the preceding and the following, and its instability will inevitably affect the trunk and lower limbs, of which the greatest impact is the lumbar spine. Pelvic instability will definitely cause compensatory pain in the lumbar spine.

and gluteus medius is an important external rotator muscle of hip in human body. When it is weak, it will cause femoral internal rotation, which will lead to knee buckle.

the knee is the trochlear joint of the body, which can only be used for flexion and extension. If our knee is in the state of internal buckle, it will deviate from the normal line of force during the exercise, always squeeze the meniscus and cause meniscus injury and softening, and many knee pain and injury problems.

a 2011 study on the effect of gluteus medius on the knee showed that knee pain was reduced by 43% only after 4 weeks of intensive training of gluteus medius muscle, which is enough to show that most knee problems are related to the weakness of this muscle.

if you see here, do you think that the gluteus medius, which we usually ignore, is so important that even if we don’t care about the hip shape, we should also train the gluteus medius muscle.

the body is in the lateral position, the elbow joint and knee support the body, and keep the elbow joint directly below the shoulder, keep the upper body spine straight, legs bent, and heel on the spine extension line.

OK, the above is the fitness content that I share with you today. Through the introduction of gluteus medius, I hope that we can realize that although the large muscles in the body are very helpful to shape the body, these small muscle groups also have a great impact on the body, not only the gluteus medius mentioned in the article, but also the rotator cuff muscles, rhomboid muscles, anterior serratus muscles, etc Class of small muscle groups all the time affect and protect our body, so that the body can be in a healthy posture and away from pain. 2