The good things left by the older generation, women eat a bowl every day, delicious and beauty, many benefits

A few years ago, I always had a sallow complexion, cold hands and feet, and my aunt was out of tune. My aunt taught me to cook this five red soup, and let me eat a bowl of five red soup every day. It was named because the five ingredients used were red. What “five red” did Wuhong soup mean? In fact, they are all home grown ingredients: red beans, red peanuts, red dates, brown sugar and wolfberry. But it is such ordinary food, coupled with the minimalist approach, to highlight the wisdom of the ancestors. < / P > < p > the five kinds of food in Wuhong soup have the effect of Tonifying Qi and nourishing blood. The strong and strong join hands to make a bowl of sweet soup, and you have to admire the delicacy of the old generation with delicious food. Autumn is a good time to drink five red soup. It is not only delicious, but also nourishing and nourishing. It often drinks plain and beautiful. < / P > < p > the good things left by the ancestors can nourish and nourish the face. Women can eat a bowl every day, which is good for many! The five red soup handed down from generation to generation can be learned and drunk by everyone. It’s delicious! < / P > < p > although Wuhong decoction is good, it is not suitable for all situations. If you don’t know who can’t drink it, you can leave me a message. How to make Wuhong soup? Next, I will sort out the production method for you. < p > < p > red beans were soaked for more than 3 hours. We can soak the red beans the night before. Don’t soak the red beans too hot. The water soaked in red beans is not suitable for all physical conditions, so we can not use it. < p > < p > the red peanuts were washed and soaked for 2 hours. Don’t throw away the water soaked in peanuts. It can be used to cook five red soup. There are two kinds of peanuts: common and red. When you cook five red soup, you should use red skin. < / P > < p > pour the soaked red beans, red peeled peanuts and the water of soaked peanuts into the casserole, and add some water as appropriate. Bring to a boil over high heat, then turn to medium low heat for 40 minutes. < / P > < p > at this time, add jujube and continue to cook for 20 minutes. Jujube can be eaten raw, so you don’t have to cook it with other cooking materials. If you heat it too long, the color will turn black, and the taste and nutrition will be lost. After the jujube is cooked, the red bean is soft, sticky and Sandy. Add 2 small pieces of brown sugar and stir it. Brown sugar is the only ingredient in the five red soup. Here is a point to emphasize! < / P > < p > make sure to use brown sugar to cook Wuhong soup, otherwise don’t complain that it’s ineffective! Brown granulated sugar is not brown sugar, but the tailing of industrial white granulated sugar that cannot be decolorized. < / P > < p > a friend left a message asking me how to choose a good brown sugar? You can look at the ingredients list of brown sugar at home. If it’s not “sugarcane” or “sugarcane juice”, there are other things wrong. Don’t eat any more. I’ll teach you a few skills to distinguish good from bad: it should be easy to break, there are holes in the section, and the color is close to the primary color of sugarcane juice. During the dissolution process, dense small bubbles will appear in the water. < / P > < p > when is Wuhong soup ready? There is no limit on when to drink Wuhong soup. It can be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner. After cooking, you can drink it in two times and eat beans with soup. < p > < p > in ancient books in China, it is a good thing left by the older generation. It is simple and delicious, and has high nutritional value! Women drink a bowl of this soup every day in autumn, which can supplement nutrition and help to keep beauty! Do you think Wuhong soup is delicious? I especially like to drink five red soup, now my friends praise my face like peach blossom, my hands and feet are no longer cold when it’s cold, and even my hair is better than before! Do you want to be beautiful this autumn? Then try it. < p > < p > autumn is a good time to drink Wuhong soup. Have you ever had Wuhong soup? Your every message, and every like, is my driving force! Please forward it to your relatives and friends! Pets