The head appears these 4 “different”, is the blood fat is high, please take good care of

As we all know, high blood lipid level can directly cause some diseases that seriously endanger human health, such as atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, pancreatitis, etc. Therefore, if you find that your blood lipid level is elevated and some parts of your body have issued an alarm, you should be alert and actively respond. Due to the increase of blood lipid level and not pay attention to, blood viscosity can lead to some parts of the body vascular blockage, circulation can not maintain good, long-term lack of blood supply, health will be threatened. Therefore, it is the first time to check and treat the patients with elevated blood lipid level. It is worth noting that the blood lipid level is elevated, and abnormal symptoms may appear in the head, which needs attention.

keep your sleeping posture correct during sleeping, and generally there will be no drooling. Many people have saliva during sleep, which may be due to mouth failure. Long term hyperlipidemia will affect brain function, and many people have the trend of cerebral infarction, which leads to central facial paralysis.

after the influence, the obvious feature is that the mouth and eyes are crooked, the mouth cannot be closed normally, and the expression of drooling will be obvious. Therefore, frequent sleep dribble should be suspected of elevated blood lipid levels, through the active way to reduce blood lipid control, only when the body returns to health, blood viscosity gradually improved, drooling will be reduced.

xanthoma appeared in eyelid, indicating that the blood lipid level is increased. Because the eye function is normal, blood should be provided in time. Many people in the process of high blood fat, blood is as thick as porridge, these blood in the process of flowing through the blood vessels around the eyes, deposited more lipid substances, these lipid substances continue to accumulate, easy to form xanthoma. Once there is such a situation, eyelid xanthoma is more obvious, it should be improved by actively controlling blood lipid. Only when the blood circulation is maintained well and blood viscosity is no longer appeared, the xanthoma volume will not increase.

frequent dizziness and pain may be a warning of disease, because if the brain wants to maintain normal function, blood and nutrients should be obtained in time. Many people, however, because of the long-term rise in blood lipid levels, lead to insufficient blood and oxygen supply to the brain. After the impact, brain soft tissue necrosis, dizziness and headache are obvious. Therefore, if you find that your blood lipid level is increased, you should actively improve it through rational medication. In addition, you should reduce the cholesterol level through diet regulation to prevent the continuous increase of blood lipid.

many people have numbness in their faces, mainly due to increased blood lipid levels. If you want to make a lot of facial expressions normally, you need to have enough blood to supply the parts of the body that you need. In this way, you can also keep the facial muscles moving freely. Many people do not pay attention to health problems after the body, the continuous rise in blood lipid levels affect the blood supply of the brain, obvious symptoms of brain nerve abnormalities, may also cause central facial paralysis, after the impact of facial expression muscles can not normal activity, the face will be numb. Continuous existence of this situation should also actively respond to prevent rising blood lipids. 08/16/2020