The “heat preservation device” of the uterus comes, three cups a day, so that the uterus is not afraid of cold

Xiaohong’s Gong Han has been with her for nearly ten years. But because the time of coming to my aunt is more punctual, it is also the standard to come once a month. So she didn’t go to the hospital for examination. Just a week ago, Xiaohong’s friend had a wedding on the beach. But I didn’t expect Xiaohong just arrived at the beach on the first day, big aunt came. They played the game Xiaohong lost four times, and then they needed to go to the water to accept the challenge. Despite this, Xiaohong still didn’t care about her physical condition, because she didn’t feel any pain at that time. However, when Xiao Hong waited until midnight, she felt abnormal pain in herself and her stomach. So, went to the hospital for examination, the results of the examination were told Xiaohong’s abnormal uterus. However, most women do not pay enough attention to dysmenorrhea, and the main reason is that they don’t pay enough attention to dysmenorrhea Symptoms. < / P > < p > during our physiological period, if we find a blood clot in our aunt’s blood. We girls must pay attention to it, don’t ignore it. Because the body is our own, we must cherish our own body. If there are less blood clots, it is a normal phenomenon, but if there are more blood clots, we need to pay attention to timely go to the hospital for diagnosis. < / P > < p > during our afterlife, we girls need to pay attention to our aunt’s color. Because under normal circumstances, our color is bright red, if the color is too deep, showing a super deep red, purple and black, we must pay attention to, this is the abnormal performance of menstruation. Our normal physiological period is about four to seven days. If it’s not enough for four days, or the amount is less, we need to pay attention to our own physiological period. If it’s more than seven days, we need to pay attention. Because it’s out of the normal time. So usually we should pay more attention to our own body, timely diagnosis and treatment when the situation occurs. < p > < p > safety measures must be taken in our daily sex life, because the impact of private life is particularly harmful to our uterus. Therefore, we must pay attention to do a good job in safety measures, girls must cherish their own body. The body is given by parents. We must cherish it. < / P > < p > in winter, we must do a good job of keeping warm, and do not want temperature for the sake of demeanor. If we don’t do a good job of keeping warm during the period of coming to our aunt in winter, it will do great harm to our uterus and affect our uterus. Therefore, we must do a good job in keeping warm and try not to get cold, wind cold, etc., and do not touch cold water. < / P > < p > during the period of coming to our aunt, most female friends like to drink ginger tea or brown sugar tea to relieve our dysmenorrhea, but in fact, these effects are very small. Li Shizhen once recorded that Chinese wolfberry, red jujube, longan and ginger can effectively help regulate irregular menstruation and nourish our uterus. This is also a folk prescription used by many doctors privately. The same source of medicine and food is as follows: < / P > < p > red dates: red dates have a good effect on blood tonic, and their nourishing ability is relatively strong. We are generally used for blood tonic treatment of irregular menstruation, in addition, jujube can beauty, anti-aging. Longan: longan is what we usually call longan. It can help us to replenish our brain, calm our mind and nourish our nature. It can be used to treat irregular menstruation. < / P > < p > for female friends of office workers, making tea is a more troublesome and time-consuming thing. Therefore, we have prepared tea bags for you. Can help you save time and cost, convenient, efficient, fast, just a cup of hot water, you can drink a cup of warm palace tea. < p > < p > Introduction: friends who usually have palace coldness must pay attention to eat less raw and cold food and have more rest. In addition, they should also drink warm palace tea, so as to combine work with rest and get good relief effect. CUISINE&HEALTH