The height of the newborn is generally 50cm, is it a coincidence, or is the nurse really wrong?

About the height of the baby, Mr. Liu raised doubts. He was waiting for his wife outside the delivery room. What is puzzling is that the height of newborns in other families is 50cm. At first, he thought it was a coincidence, but when his child came out, the nurse also said that he was 50 cm long. Because he was anxious to see his wife, Mr. Liu didn’t ask carefully. Later, I thought it was the nurse’s wrong measurement. < / P > < p > @ little glutinous rice: my baby was born in 50cm, and the children of several parturients in the same room are the same. I even suspect that the nurse did not measure and filled in the 50cm uniformly. However, I don’t know the reason why I was born with a full-term baby. < / P > < p > it’s not a coincidence that children’s height is generally 50cm, nor is it a mistake of nurses. The main reason is that 50cm is a normal number, and most babies’ body length is around this value, so nurses will not spend too much energy on this aspect. In order to facilitate, they will directly round and fill in the number of 50. Only those premature infants in order to measure the growth rate of the children and match the corresponding treatment measures, the nurses will be more accurate height and weight. In terms of height, boys and girls are different when they are born. The height of male newborns should be between 45.2cm and 55.8cm when they are just born, while the height range of female newborns is 4.7cm-55.0cm, but their average height is about 50cm. Therefore, when the height of children is in the normal range, doctors may not write the height too accurately, but take an average value. < / P > < p > some netizens also said that when their baby was just born, their height reached 57cm, which was actually related to the expansion of the uterus, diet during pregnancy and genetic factors. However, the news made those parents who were only within the normal height range when the baby was born worried about whether their “tall” gene was invalid. < / P > < p > in fact, it is not. The baby does not play the advantage of good genes in the mother’s stomach, which is mainly related to the expansion degree and spatial range of the uterus. Even if the gene is excellent, the child’s space for no development will be limited. Moreover, there is still a problem of growth speed after the child is born, so parents need not worry. If the family gene is better, then the child’s height will also increase faster. In the golden time of height development, as long as the nutrition keeps up, the genetic advantage can be brought into full play in one or two years, and the baby can grow big and tall. < / P > < p > when a child is just born, doctors pay more attention not to the height and weight, but to whether the child’s skin color, loud cry and steady heartbeat are normal. After all, this is the main basis to measure whether the baby is healthy or not. Parents should also pay more attention to the baby’s condition and physical changes. As long as their height and weight are within the normal range, they don’t have to be too serious. Focus