The importance of toner! Cheap and easy to use brand Daquan!

Toner! Did you choose the right one? How does collocation with toner? You know what? First of all, we should know our own skin type, and then choose the efficacy according to the skin type! For example, dark skin can choose to whiten and brighten, improve dark; dry skin can choose to moisturize; oily skin must pay attention to oil control and cleaning, and then pay attention to water, so that the pH value of the skin is balanced in order to inhibit excessive oil secretion! Sensitive skin needs to be soothed and maintained; how much do you know about the ingredients of toner? Whitening ingredients: ① nicotinamide ② arbutin ③ vitamin C ④ fruit acid; moisturizing and moisturizing ingredients: ① hyaluronic acid; ② glycerine; ③ amino acid; ④ vitamin B5; anti-inflammatory and acne removing ingredients: ① antibacterial peptide; ② retinoic acid; ③ tea tree; ④ oligopeptide; maintenance and repair ingredients: ① squalane; ② marigold; ③ astaxanthin; ④ ceramide! Your name will always exist on the Internet