The lips are always blue and purple? The disease made the baby girl undergo heart surgery at 5 months old!

Children with congenital heart disease have poor physical strength, like squatting, easy to fatigue after activities, and accompanied by paroxysmal dyspnea. When children cry, their lips will be cyan purple due to lack of oxygen. Children with congenital heart disease are also prone to pulmonary infection. Therefore, if the family’s children always have lung infection, how to treat it is not good, usually easy to repeatedly suffer from respiratory tract infection, we should be alert to congenital heart disease. < p > < p > why does the fetus have congenital heart disease? In addition to genetic factors, the mother’s physical condition during pregnancy and contact with things are associated with the occurrence of congenital heart disease! < / P > < p > the chemical reagents contained in the paint and adhesive used to brush the wall, and the harmful substances such as formaldehyde contained in furniture, floor and paint may be the risk factors of fetal congenital heart disease. < / P > < p > avoid contact with mercury, aluminum, benzene, arsenic, carbon monoxide, organic phosphorus, organic chlorine and other toxic substances, which are easy to cause fetal congenital heart disease and other malformations. < / P > < p > the elderly puerpera is also a risk factor of congenital heart disease in infants, and the infants born by the elderly puerpera over 35 years old are at high risk of congenital heart disease. < / P > < p > pregnant women smoking will have adverse effects on fetal growth and development, but it should be noted that pregnant women smoking second-hand smoke is more likely to increase the risk of fetal congenital diseases! Expectant father for the health of the fetus, do not smoke at home! < / P > < p > intake of fruits and vegetables is associated with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease. Pregnant women during pregnancy, more intake of fruits and vegetables is also good for the fetus. < / P > < p > folic acid supplementation in the first three months of pregnancy reduced the risk of congenital heart disease by 31%. In general, folic acid supplementation in the first three months of pregnancy has a preventive effect on all types of congenital heart disease. Waistcoat line type abdominal abuse posture, shaping the perfect abdominal curve!