The little boy’s identity is not known as “factual orphan”. Who helped him to get a registered permanent residence?

“With the support of the procuratorial organs, the small guardianship and household registration problems have been solved, and the big stone in my heart has finally landed.” On November 6, the staff of Yiwu welfare home in Zhejiang Province said excitedly when they got a small household register. In the late autumn of five years ago, a Chun was abandoned at the gate of Yiwu rescue center with her little one year old in her arms. A Chun suffers from serious mental illness. He can’t tell who he is, let alone his little life experience in his arms. At that time, the rescue center thought that a Chun should be a little biological mother, abandoned by his family together. For this reason, the public security organs searched and published newspapers for relatives, but no one contacted a Chun and Xiao Xiao. After treatment, a Chun was placed in a designated care institution, and then transferred to Yiwu children’s welfare home for temporary foster care. In October last year, the prosecutor of the eighth procuratorial department of Yiwu municipal procuratorate came to Yiwu Civil Affairs Bureau. They learned that they could not solve the problems of custody and household registration even though they were about to reach school age. “Generally speaking, an orphan can be settled in a welfare home, but in a small special case, he has a biological mother. However, due to mental disorder, the biological mother can neither state her exact identity nor actually raise her children. She is an” actual orphan “with unknown identity. This is the first time that we have encountered the problem of guardianship and settlement Yiwu City Civil Affairs Bureau staff said helplessly. Although the problem is difficult, the growth of the child can not be delayed. The urgent task is to determine the relationship between a Chun and Xiaoxiao and change the small custody right in time. Therefore, the prosecutor went to the rescue center and the children’s welfare home for many times to investigate and collect evidence, and finally sent a procuratorial proposal to the Yiwu Civil Affairs Bureau, suggesting that the Civil Affairs Bureau further determine the parent-child relationship between a Chun and Xiaoxiao, and apply to the court to terminate a Chun’s guardianship of the small, and the Civil Affairs Bureau as the guardian to implement state custody. After receiving the procuratorial proposal, the Civil Affairs Bureau entrusted a professional institution to conduct the paternity test, determined the mother child relationship between a Chun and Xiaoxiao, and filed a lawsuit to the court for changing the custody right. However, there are many difficulties in the case filing process. Because a Chun is a vagrant girl, and suffering from serious mental illness, unable to state his identity, according to the relevant provisions, one of the conditions for prosecution is to have a clear defendant. How to prove a Chun’s identity and who should act as a Chun’s agent in court? For this reason, the hospital communicated with Yiwu rescue center and Yiwu court for many times and studied relevant regulations and materials repeatedly. Finally, it was found that a Chun and Xiaodu had been included in the national rescue system for rescue. Both of them had a rescue number, which had the identity effect of effectively distinguishing them from others. Finally, the court decided to take the rescue number of the two people as proof information, and determined Yiwu rescue center as a Chun’s agent to appear in court. At the same time, in order to better protect the legitimate rights and interests of minors, the case was tried by special procedures. According to relevant laws and regulations, the court sent staff to court to support the prosecution and express opinions in support of prosecution. In June this year, the Yiwu Municipal Court decided to adopt the prosecution support opinion of the procuratorial organ, terminate the guardianship relationship between a Chun and Xiaoxiao, and designated Yiwu Civil Affairs Bureau as the minor guardian. After the judgment came into effect, the court continued to follow up the small settlement problem, communicated with the Yiwu Public Security Bureau for many times, actively helped to contact and assist the Civil Affairs Bureau in handling the settlement procedures for the small. On November 6, Xiaoxiao finally got his own household registration book and really had his own name and birthday. Although he didn’t know what the thin paper meant, he knew that he would be able to carry his schoolbag to school next year and dance happily. < / P > < p > “this is the first time that our hospital has carried out guardianship intervention on de facto orphans by means of civil support prosecution, and has provided strong judicial protection for the healthy growth of minors by performing procuratorial and supervisory functions.” Zhu Youxian, director of the eighth procuratorial department, said. HEALTHY LIFE