The man’s feet are swollen and difficult to walk. He was found to have renal edema when seeing a doctor. Doctor: the kidney is “failing”

Introduction: many times, when our internal organs have some problems, these organs will send signals to us through the surface of our body. Take Mr. Liu, 38, for example. When he went to the hospital recently, his feet were very swollen. Under the doctor’s diagnosis, he found out that the man’s kidney was edematous. In fact, when the man went to see a doctor, he was already late. It might be much easier for men to see a doctor earlier. But it is because the man did not find kidney problems early and timely, delayed treatment time.

feet and hands are the same, which can be used to intuitively view the internal health of the body. Therefore, we can also use toenails to judge whether we are healthy or not. For example, we can use looking at the crescent to judge. If there are many crescent teeth in our false nails, and the distribution is uneven, then our kidneys are relatively healthy. But on the contrary, if there are few crescent teeth and only a little kidney can be seen, it means that there is something wrong with our kidney and we need to see a doctor in time.

there’s another way, even by looking at our little toes. Generally speaking, a normal little toe should be thick in shape. This situation reveals that our kidneys are relatively healthy. But on the contrary, if the thumb of the little foot is not so thick and thick, it means that there is something wrong with the kidney and we need to pay attention to it.

this kind of situation is more serious, the foot will not appear edema for no reason. For example, when our feet, not walking, not injured, suddenly edema, then we have kidney problems. Kidney problems, due to the body’s internal water imbalance, and the most intuitive performance is swollen feet.

in our daily life, we can form the habit of rubbing our ears. The specific operation method is to gently knead the auricle with two palms at the same time, and the kneading time is two minutes. Then use the index finger and thumb from top to bottom, from top to bottom, repeatedly and rhythmically rub and pull the earlobe 30 to 50 times. Finally, press and hold the tragus in front of the ear hole with the index finger and middle finger, rhythmically press and release it 50 times, so that the external air can massage the eardrum membrane.

when the urine in the bladder accumulates to a certain amount, our body will produce urine. If we hold our urine at this time, the urine that is not excreted in time in the bladder will pollute and damage our kidneys. Therefore, if you hold your urine for a long time, no matter how to tonify the kidney, it will be nothing.

Nowadays, many old Chinese medicine doctors in China, in addition to daily kidney nourishing massage, also use this snack formula to maintain their kidneys, that is, soak ginseng, mulberry, wolfberry and other ingredients in water to drink, which has achieved the purpose of kidney nourishing and essence strengthening, and these ingredients are also of the same origin. In Li zhongzi’s works, it has been recorded that ginseng, mulberry and yam all have the effects of nourishing kidney, relieving kidney deficiency and strengthening body.

ginseng: as a recognized tonic, the reason why ginseng can strengthen our physique is that it can greatly tonify our vitality. Especially for men, ginseng can tonify Yang, strengthen essence, nourish kidney and relieve kidney yang deficiency.

mulberry: it tastes sweet. Besides being regarded as a fruit, it also has a good nourishing effect on the kidney. Mulberry into the kidney, can nourish the kidney, relieve kidney yin deficiency. At the same time, mulberry is rich in zinc ions, which can promote our kidney health.

Yam: yam has the reputation of small ginseng in China. In addition to its delicious taste, it also has great medicinal value for nourishing the kidney. If you often eat yam, it can strengthen the kidney and essence, at the same time, it can strengthen the spleen and lower the three highs.

it’s just that besides the three ingredients, the kidney nourishing tea needs other medicinal materials to make tea together. Therefore, the process of making kidney nourishing tea is troublesome. On the contrary, if you use tea bags, it will be much more convenient. The medicinal materials in the tea bag are all prepared by the old Chinese medicine. When you want to drink it, you can directly soak it in water.

conclusion: kidney “failure” foot prophet, if the kidney is not good, the body will send signals to us through the feet. Therefore, we must learn to judge whether the body is healthy through the changes of the body surface. In addition, usually rub the ear, do not hold urine for a long time, less stay up late, raise a healthy kidney. You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao