The more sweating in dog days, the better for heart health? Refute the myth: sweating too much, be careful of these three problems

“It’s the right time to practice in summer. The more you sweat, the more beneficial it will be.” I believe you have heard this saying, especially the old people around you. In daily life, others say that the more people sweat, the better their heart health.

today, I want to tell you that the truth is not the case. Although it has entered the beginning of autumn, it still belongs to the state of “autumn tiger” and has not yet completely emerged. Sweating too much in the dog days, due to high temperature, physical consumption is too large, not only can not play a health effect, but also easy to cause mild heatstroke, dehydration and other situations.

in addition, sweating does not mean that it is good for heart health. Especially in the summer, people who use extreme methods deliberately do not turn on air conditioning indoors. Because the temperature is too high, far beyond the temperature regulation, people are prone to heatstroke.

after heatstroke, the heart pressure will also rise, with dyspnea and high blood pressure. Therefore, we should not be too aggrieved themselves, the indoor temperature in the dog days can be controlled at 26 ℃.

when exercising, the human body consumes a lot of heat, which will induce the body to sweat. Especially in summer, to avoid serious water shortage, it is necessary to carry a water cup at any time to replenish water. Once the body is short of water, we will be reminded at the beginning that the body is prone to fatigue, dizziness and coma.

in this case, do not continue to exercise, and replenish water to the body in time. If there is more water shortage, dehydration will be caused and a large amount of electrolyte will be lost in the body.

if necessary, you can also prepare some light saline, a small amount of sodium to adjust the sodium water balance in the body to achieve a specific osmotic pressure. If people with hypoglycemia, such as sweating, palpitation and starvation, can also drink some sugar water, which can improve the blood glucose level in a short time.

many people may wonder why sweating is related to skin health. In fact, it is related to the long-term humid environment of the skin. When the skin is soaked in water to whiten and wrinkle, it will encounter the invasion of external pathogens, and finally the skin is easy to be infected.

as sweat can not be discharged, it has been irritating the skin, especially in the middle-aged and elderly people. For people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, it is easy to stimulate blood vessels and skin due to high temperature, resulting in increased blood pressure and even skin inflammation.

so, the more sweating, the better. How much is normal? In fact, no matter how much or less, the body can adjust itself. As long as there is no other discomfort after sweating, it can not be regarded as the performance of the disease.