The morning is the “golden period” of nourishing the liver. If you insist on eating these four kinds of breakfast, the liver will be very grateful to you

It’s best to eat some bitter vegetables, such as balsam pear, leek and carrot. Bitter vegetables can reduce liver fire. If you can drink a cup of chrysanthemum tea, it’s better. Vegetables contain a lot of water and vitamins. Most of the vitamins in our body are synthesized and stored by the liver. Vegetables can just provide these vitamins. < / P > < p > choose the right food for breakfast to maintain your health. The liver is an important organ. If you want to protect the liver, you might as well eat oats at breakfast. Oats as a more common cereal food, whether it is porridge eating or with other food to obtain nutrients can maintain health, if it has fatty liver is reducing liver function, you can eat oats properly, which is beneficial to increase the sense of satiety, can reduce other calorie intake, can improve liver function as soon as possible. < / P > < p > many people will choose to eat an egg as breakfast in the morning. Eggs contain protein, amino acids and various trace elements needed by human development, and the nutrition needed by liver can also be found in eggs. Therefore, eating an egg for breakfast can timely supplement the nutrients consumed by the liver and maintain the normal activity of liver cells. < / P > < p > in daily life, carrots are a very grounded food, some people like to eat raw carrots, some people like to eat cooked carrots. However, in these two ways of eating, it is more recommended that we use the latter way of eating. Cooked carrots can make the nutrients in carrots more easily absorbed by people. At the same time, the most prominent feature of carrots is that they are rich in carotenoids, which can be converted into vitamin A in the body. Its physiological function is to protect the liver and promote the repair of liver mucosa. People who love to eat carrots can make some gourds for themselves at breakfast. With broccoli, a cruciferous vegetable, the health effect will be better. CUISINE&HEALTH