The most beautiful man in ancient costume, 41 years old, is still handsome enough to make people want to commit a crime. Fitness can really resist aging

Yan Yikuan, known as one of the “four beauties of the end of the earth”, is not popular at 41. Many people fight against injustice for him. He is always trembling in his life and work. Now, at 41, he is still shining. < / P > < p > Yan Yikuan’s face may be the kind of face that was kissed by God, which can be called modeling face. His facial features are as exquisite as the sword demon in the game, and the most prominent one is his nose. So in terms of facial features alone, he won most people. Standard modeling face, eyes, nose, mouth are very good-looking, three-dimensional. Even if he only shows his lower half face, he can be extremely handsome. This pure natural beauty makes countless people feel pity for him. Not only his appearance, but also his figure is very resistant. Although he is 40 years old, he still kills little fresh meat. < / P > < p > as an actor, he tries to interpret every role incisively and vividly, and Yan Yikuan makes the “overbearing president” in every novel have an edge. Whether it is modern clothing or ancient clothing, Yan Yikuan’s appearance makes people surprised: “Jian Mei Xing Mu” is created for him! < / P > < p > now Yan Yikuan pays more attention to his family and is a good husband and father. Some time ago, Yan Yikuan took part in a variety show with his wife, in which Yan Yikuan is like a child who has not grown up. According to his recent photos, his skin and body condition are not inferior to that of xiaoxianrou. Because he often exercises, he says that “perspiring is refreshing”. So it’s not unreasonable that he is 41 years old. Fitness can really change a person’s temperament and state. Let’s share a set of fitness actions with you and practice them quickly. < / P > < p > this is the first choice of many strength training athletes. This movement mainly exercises our hip muscle group, which can increase the bone density of spine and legs, enhance our body immunity, and strengthen body coordination. < / P > < p > the most basic squat action is standing barbell squat, but it has many changes, such as sumo squat, lunge squat, single leg squat, free squat, fitness ball squat, weight lifting squat, dumbbell squat, Smith machine squat, high jump squat, etc. < / P > < p > this exercise is mainly to exercise pectoralis major, triceps and deltoid, and correct our upper body posture, so that we have a good image. < / P > < p > the most popular horizontal pusher in the gym is the flat barbell horizontal pusher. Other recumbent exercises include inclined and downward barbell recumbent, downward and upward barbell recumbent, flat dumbbell recumbent and Smith recumbent. Similar movements include chest push ups, narrow grip push ups, etc. if we want to exercise our back, this movement is a good choice, because it focuses on training our triceps. < / P > < p > this movement mainly trains the upper chest and trapezius of our shoulders. We can do standing exercises. During the exercise, the muscles in the buttocks, abdomen and spine need to be relaxed. Remember to tighten the core to maintain the stability of the upper body. Let’s take a look at the movements. CUISINE&HEALTH