The most complete first aid manual! Burn, cat scratch dog bite, cardiopulmonary resuscitation It’s better that everyone can’t use it!

Time is life. Accidents are everywhere in life. In the face of unexpected emergencies, if there is no timely treatment or improper operation, it is likely to cause great harm. Today is world first aid day. Let’s learn some daily necessary first-aid knowledge, master the treatment of common accidents. Bee sting is not terrible, but allergic reaction after stinging. If it is not handled correctly, it may lead to death in a short time. Remember to play outdoors during National Day! First: immediately pick out the stinger with a needle or syringe, or scrape it out with a card. Second: bee sting, because its venom is acidic, you can use soapy water, 3% ammonia water or 5% sodium bicarbonate solution to coat the stung area. Unlike bee venom, wasp venom is weak alkaline, so vinegar or 1% acetic acid can be used locally to scrub the wound. If not, you can directly use cold water to flush, can also relieve pain. How to distinguish bee species? After a sting, the bee’s sting and its digestive tract will remain on the human skin together. Most of the wasps will not remain. We can only see a tiny sting. Third: local redness, swelling and itching can be observed with topical ointment. Fourth: if rash, nausea and vomiting, palpitation, incontinence and other symptoms of discomfort, we must remember to see a doctor immediately. Burn burn burn, remember five words: Chong, Tuo, bubble, cover, send. Flushing: wash the scalded part with clean flowing cold water, which can dissipate heat, relieve pain and reduce the generation of blisters. Take off: take off your clothes carefully. You can cut clothes with scissors. Avoid tearing blisters by violence. Blister: if the pain is obvious, the wound can be soaked in cold water for 15-30 minutes, which helps to relieve the pain and reduce the degree of scald. Cover: use clean sterile gauze or cotton cloth to cover the wound, reduce external pollution and stimulation, and keep the wound clean. Send: for severe burns and scalds, you should see a doctor in time. On the way to the doctor, put a piece of gauze under the ice bag for cold compress. Pay attention not to contact the skin directly to avoid frostbite. Foreign body choking: refers to the foreign body stuck to the trachea. The trachea is the channel we use to breathe. If the trachea is completely blocked, we will be unable to breathe and suffocate, leading to death. When the child is eating, he or she suddenly appears unable to cough, cannot speak, or his face is blue and almost unable to breathe, it can be confirmed that the foreign body is stuck in the throat. Rescue of complete obstruction and asphyxia: golden time is 4 minutes. If the best rescue time is missed, the child’s brain ischemia and hypoxia will lead to irreversible necrosis. Even if the rescue is successful, there will be serious complications. < p > < p > children with febrile convulsion first, wear less clothes, to heat the child. The traditional idea is that as soon as a child gets hot, the child is wrapped up in clothes and quilts to “force” the sweat out. In fact, this is not right. When a child has a fever, it will appear shivering symptoms. Parents will think that the child is cold. In fact, this is because of the chills caused by the rise of their body temperature. Second, help children to cool down physically. Wipe the child’s head, armpit, limbs with warm and wet towel, take a warm bath, and scrub the skin more to promote heat dissipation. Do not wipe with alcohol. Third, replenish enough water. Add water to your child in time to prevent dehydration. After being bitten by a cat or a dog, you should immediately wash it with running soapy water at home for at least 15 minutes, and then go to the hospital for treatment. The doctor will advise you to inject the vaccine according to the depth of the wound. < / P > < p > if the wound is deep and blood flow is not enough, you should directly press the wound with a towel or cotton cloth and go to the hospital immediately. Mouth numbness, limb cramps, quarrel because of the rapid talking and breathing, a large amount of carbon dioxide exhaled from the mouth, causing blood acid-base balance imbalance, resulting in respiratory alkalosis, thus the above symptoms. Therefore, the treatment method is to increase the concentration of carbon dioxide: 1. Wear a mask; 2. Paper bag breathing 5-10l paper bag or plastic bag, put it on the mouth and nose and seal it. For those who breathe seriously or whose symptoms are not relieved, they should go to the hospital in time. Acute alcoholism, short-term intake of excessive alcohol or alcoholic beverages, incoherent, rude behavior, nausea, vomiting, slow feeling, gait instability, etc. First aid measures: 1. If vomiting occurs, change the patient’s position, make the head to one side, clear the oral contents, and avoid suffocation. 2. If the patient is awake, vomit can be used to excrete the alcohol that has not been absorbed in the patient’s stomach, and drink appropriate amount of sugar water to promote alcohol metabolism. Prevent hypoglycemia. In case of unconsciousness and cardiac arrest, the respiratory tract should be kept unobstructed for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. 4. Go to the hospital as soon as possible so as not to delay the time of treatment. Sprained ankle joint is the most prone part of sprain. After sprain, the muscles around the injured part will feel pain and difficult to move. The joint may swell and the skin surface will produce congestion, so it is impossible to walk with load. First aid measures: 1. Stop exercise immediately to prevent serious injury. 2. Wrap the ice bag with towel or apply ice on the sprained position with iced mineral water to relieve inflammation, swelling and pain. Be careful not to apply hot compress. 3. If it’s a minor lateral ankle sprain, place a pillow under the injured foot to relieve congestion and swelling when lying on your back. 4. If it is very painful, consult your doctor to use painkillers. 5. Serious sprain may lead to fracture. Seek medical advice as soon as possible and ask a doctor for treatment. Sudden chest pain can not be forced to move, do not take drugs. In patients with normal blood pressure and heart rate, no glaucoma, no alcohol, should be taken immediately under the tongue. If the patient has no tendency of peptic ulcer and bleeding in the past, 3 aspirin tablets should be chewed immediately. At the same time, compound Danshen dripping pills or Suxiao Jiuxin pills can be used as an adjunct. If the patient is unconscious, do not take oral medication to avoid aspiration. Call the emergency call immediately, do not use force, lie on your back or half lying down, head leaning to one side, waiting for rescue, < / P > < p > traumatic bleeding head injury is a very common trauma. Because the scalp’s blood supply is rich, after trauma often blood flow is more than, encounter this kind of situation, how should everybody do? Fold a cotton cloth or towel into small pieces and press the wound to stop bleeding. Do not directly cover the wound in large area. Sometimes due to small artery rupture and bleeding, large area of capping can not press the bleeding point to achieve hemostasis effect. Do not spread the so-called hemostatic powder on the wound, which can not achieve the effect of hemostasis, but also increase the difficulty of debridement and increase the risk of infection. Do not allow the injured to drink when thirsty. In case of coma and vomiting caused by severe trauma, the injured person should lie on his back with his head to one side, and clean the mouth and vomit to prevent aspiration. In case of ear and nose bleeding or bloody fluid after head injury, the head of the injured person should be tilted to the side of outflow fluid to let the fluid flow out, and the ear and nose should not be blocked. Epileptic seizures, seizures, we can’t pry teeth! In the concept of many people, when convulsions occur, the teeth clench. We are afraid that the twitch will bite off the tongue, so we have to pry the teeth to prevent biting, but this practice is wrong. Remember: when epileptic seizure, tongue muscle out of self-protection will automatically retract, in the moment of falling down, in fact, the bite has been finished, the most is to bite the tip of the tongue, the corner of the mouth, there will be some mild bleeding, but this kind of bite can not be treated, will not be life-threatening. This kind of convulsion generally lasts for 3-5 minutes, and then it relieves itself. So what should you do when you see someone fall down suddenly, limbs twitch, foaming at the mouth and clenching the teeth? Let him smoke safely for a moment! To ensure the safety of the surrounding environment, it is best to pad clothes and other soft objects under the head to prevent the damage caused by the friction between the head and the ground when twitching. Don’t shake the patient; don’t put anything in his mouth; don’t restrain his convulsive limbs; don’t pinch people, let alone chest compressions; don’t give them any medicine; then call the emergency call and see the hospital. Don’t think it’s good to finish smoking. You must go to the hospital for examination, because it may bring other side injury when it falls down. What should we do if the patient falls down suddenly and loses consciousness? Step 1: judge that the environment on the scene is safe; step 2: Pat and shout the patient to see if he / she is responding; step 3: if there is no response, call someone to call the emergency phone to get the latest AED; step 4: watch whether the chest has ups and downs, that is, whether the patient has breathing for 5-10 seconds; step 5: chest compression and artificial respiration; position: two nipples connected times / min; all the time Until the AED or first-aid personnel arrive. Every first aid knowledge is your wealth, learn and remember these, in case of emergency, critical moment can save life! Everyone has mastered these life-saving knowledge, let us “save” in the side! Learn these first-aid skills, “dying moment” is life or death, in our own hands! 20