The most “domineering” puerpera fire, after giving birth to the child directly back to the ward, netizen: General triumphant return

Some people say that the feeling of giving birth to a child is like the 21 ribs of the human body are all broken. This pain is very human, so we say that mother is the greatest.

in the photo, a woman is strutting along the hospital corridor. Although there are people helping her, she doesn’t seem to use much strength.

netizens later learned that this woman was a Baoma mother who had just had a natural birth. She walked directly from the delivery room to the ward, and couldn’t help sighing that the general returned triumphantly, which could be called the most domineering maternal. Although 888 is still a little tired, we can see that 888 is still in a state of disorder.

at least from this photo, it doesn’t look like a person who has just given birth to a child. This physical quality is envied by countless women. After all, there are not many people like her.

if it is a natural birth, then you can try walking properly within 4-6 hours after delivery. If it is a cesarean section, it should be at least overnight, and then you can walk briefly on the ground the next day.

of course, whether it is a natural birth or a cesarean section, the maternal body will certainly have pain when she first goes to the ground, but she should still adhere to it, because the earlier the exercise is, the more beneficial it is to the recovery of the body.

although we say that the earlier the time to go to the ground after childbirth, the better, but because of the different physical quality of each maternal, so the time of going to the ground will also be different.

if some mothers are in poor health, they will be more weak after giving birth to their children. At this time, they can rest in bed for a few more days and do not need to rush down to the ground.

in addition, in the process of childbirth, if there are some conditions, or there is a critical situation such as bleeding, then after childbirth, we must have a good rest, and wait until the body is fully recovered before going to the ground.

the research report points out that 42 days to half a year after delivery is the best time for postpartum mothers to repair their body shape. Therefore, treasure mothers who want to lose weight must seize this golden period to recover their body shape faster.

many parturient women will eat and drink during the period of pregnancy, which is largely because they want to secrete more milk to meet the needs of the baby’s continuous development.

but in a period of time after the birth of a baby, the maternal’s physical state has not recovered. At this time, if they take in too much energy, it will cause some pressure on their body and even cause certain pressure.

at this time, Baoma can eat more food rich in vitamin B. It can not only meet the nutritional requirements of the baby, but also effectively burn the fat in Baoma’s body, so that Baoma’s body can recover as soon as possible without delaying the secretion of breast milk.

in the 1-2 days after delivery, Baoma can walk for a short time. It is necessary to exercise during the period of confinement, but it must not be excessive.

after a week, you can choose some simple puerperal exercises, and insist on doing it for a few minutes every day. The time is not easy to be too long, and you will gradually find that your body will have certain changes.

after giving birth, Baoma’s choice of sports will increase. At this time, she can do some postpartum exercises with less intensity, such as yoga and aerobics.

it should be difficult for breastfeeding mothers, because babies often drink milk at night when they are young, so it is not easy for Baoma to have a good sleep in the first two months.

but even so, Baoma should also spare enough time to rest. It is best to ensure 8 hours of sleep at night and half to one hour at noon.

the constitution of each of us is different. Although those mothers with good physique make us envious, we should also adjust them according to our own conditions. As long as the mother and son are safe during childbirth, it is the greatest comfort for the maternal themselves and the talents at home. Luanban