The most gentle yoga hip opening posture, lying down can easily open the hip, do you want to try it!

Pinhole is a mild variant of pigeon, which improves hip tightness and opens the hip. In some cases, pigeon pose is too intense for many people, especially those with knee problems. Pinhole and pigeon are basically the same, but supine position can easily control the intensity, so it is safer. This position is also good for warming up before practice. This is a great pose to wake up the lower body and prepare for further stretching.

benefits: this position extends the muscles around the hamstrings of the hips, lower back and back of the thighs. When you sit for a long time, the hip flexors are usually tight, and the hamstrings of people who are running and doing a lot of exercise are also usually tight. By keeping them flexible, you’ll be able to practice posture and movement better. This position also helps you prepare for sitting and bending back.

supine, knees bent, feet on the floor, hold left knee to chest. Place the left ankle across the right thigh. Let the left knee relax away from the trunk. Lift your right foot off the floor and pass your left hand through your legs so that your hands buckle at the back of your right thigh. In addition, you can also hold your hands tightly on the front of the right tibia. As you exhale, pull your right thigh toward your chest with both hands. This will open your left hip joint. Keep your feet hooked back. Continue to take a deep breath and relax your left knee to open your hips. Take a few breaths and repeat on the other side.

back rounded, head up: put the back flat on the mat. Don’t raise your head or shoulders. If you can’t hold your thighs, adjust or use a yoga band instead of lifting from the mat.

place the right ankle on the left thigh, aligning the knee with the ankle as much as possible. Enter pigeon pose and hold three to five breaths. If you can, bend forward to increase stretch. Then repeat on the left. You can also practice against the wall

safety and precautions: if you have any problems with your shoulders, neck, knees, back or buttocks, please avoid practicing this position. Pregnant women should avoid practicing supine position. You should not feel any pressure on your knees during practice. You’ll feel a lot of stretch in the front of your hip, but it doesn’t hurt. If you feel any pain, please exit the position.