The most handsome dog competition, this two HA in? Which do you think is the most handsome?

Many people are afraid of this black faced man, but they are either very black or vicious. Although the German Shepherd is very alert to strangers, it is actually very gentle in front of familiar people!

the versatility of German shepherds is unparalleled, because trained German shepherds have proven their proficiency in some areas, such as police and military services, search and rescue operations, bomb and drug testing, and family protection. They are loyal, brave, intelligent, alert and have a strong guard instinct.

the Doberman is beautiful in appearance, elegant in temperament, intelligent and alert. Smooth hair, short, hard, dense and close to the body. The back is strong and the body structure is perfect when running fast. They will move along a single track.

Doberman is a close to perfect breed among medium and large dogs. It is concluded by some dog friends that Doberman may be slightly slower than Gree’s running speed, or its working performance may not be as good as that of German shepherd, and there is no super explosive muscle like xiubit, but there is no dog breed in the world that combines these advantages except Doberman!

Greyhound generally refers to greyhound, produced in Italy. This kind of dog is the champion of the track race, with an average speed of 60 km / h. It used to be used to hunt rabbits. It has a soft and pleasant character.

Greyhound looks delicate, elegant temperament, slim body, beautiful lines. They run as fast as the wind and walk smoothly. Greyhound is one of the oldest breeds of dogs with a sense of speed and intelligent appearance.

as a hunting dog, Greyhound is alert, sharp and explosive. The first visual hunting dog trained to use vision to track prey is the fastest dog in the world.

the Labrador is absolutely famous for its good temper. Sharp, friendly eyes show their good temperament, smart and smart is their special. As a sport dog, the waist clearly shows elasticity.

the black Labrador, in particular, is compact and powerful, vigorous and straight, and has silky luster. The two qualities of domineering and elegant are displayed incisively and vividly.

regardless of their personality characteristics, they have the appearance similar to wolves, handsome and unrestrained, delicate facial features and sharp eyes. To that domineering station, very handsome, have you?

Husky’s temperament is relatively good, so good that he is extremely enthusiastic about anyone. Energy is exuberant this point not to say much, from the demolition of small experts can see extraordinary.

besides, is there any partner who thinks this style of dog is handsome? It is a simple and honest Chai dog. Many of his friends may have seen some of his expression bags. This only type of chaichai is called “Bodhi”.