“The most harmful” five things, especially this kind of fruit, will deepen liver toxicity, quickly throw away

Liu Mei is responsible for housework and daily diet. Liu Mei’s family is not particularly wealthy, so she always buys affordable family clothes because of its large quantity and affordable price. However, it is precisely because of the large quantity that it is difficult to preserve. For example, fruits are easy to mildew. Liu Mei will take out the bad parts and eat the rest. This has been done for many years. < p > < p > a few days ago, Liu Mei felt that her skin suddenly became very bad, not only dry and rough, but also gave birth to several chloasmas. At first, Liu Mei didn’t think about solving the problem. Recently, her right upper abdomen began to suffer from repeated pain. So after a busy day, she went to the hospital for a comprehensive examination. The examination report showed that Liu Mei had hepatitis. < / P > < p > spoilage fruits can especially deepen liver toxicity. Even if the spoilage part is removed and continued to eat, it is also harmful to the body. Therefore, especially if there are deteriorated fruits at home, you should throw them away as soon as possible. Solanine exists in the germinated potatoes. After being ingested, its toxin accumulates in the liver, causing liver lesions and becoming the inducement of liver lesions. < / P > < p > high fat food is very difficult to metabolize, so it should be taken in moderation, but this kind of food is really delicious. If you are not careful, it will exceed the amount, and the liver can not be decomposed and discharged in time. So it affects liver health. In addition, pickled food contains a large amount of nitrate, which can neutralize and reduce nitrate and intestinal bacteria to nitrite, and then turn into pathogenic substances and induce adverse liver lesions. Edible fungi, such as Auricularia, tremella fuciformis and Lentinus edodes, are normally non-toxic. However, if the fungus is soaked in water for too long, it will cause pollution, produce a large amount of aflatoxin, damage the liver and induce liver diseases. The liver governs emotions. When people are angry, toxic hormones produced by emotions will damage the health of the liver. If people are often depressed and depressed, they will also cause “stagnation of liver qi”. To nourish the liver and protect the liver, it is necessary to control the emotions. < / P > < p > the liver needs a lot of water during detoxification. At this time, adding some Chinese herbal medicine to the water can not only supplement the water needed by the liver, nourish the liver, but also promote liver detoxification, enhance liver function, and long-term drinking can effectively prevent liver diseases. 08/16/2020