The most harmful “fruit”, no matter how greedy it is, don’t be willful. Many people buy it from home as treasure

Fruit is the food we often know in our life. Fresh fruit contains a lot of nutrients, which is helpful to our health. However, many people don’t know that some fruits contain serious toxins.

when we eat fruits, the vitamins and minerals in them can enhance our own immunity and resistance, and also help us to get enough dietary fiber, speed up gastrointestinal peristalsis, and keep our intestines clean.

but the following kinds of fruits are likely to increase the risk of physical diseases. I hope you can be blacklisted as soon as possible, and don’t be willful when you produce again, so as to prevent physical injury.

betel nut has the effect of refreshing. Many people will feel addicted if they eat it once, because betel nut has certain self-care ability. Although it can refresh the mind to a certain extent, it is not conducive to health.

areca nut is very hard. If you chew it often, it may damage the oral mucosa. The nitrite in areca nut is rich, and eating it often will also lead to oral cancer.

betel nut has long been listed as a kind of carcinogen. If you chew betel nut often, it will increase the risk of oral cancer. I hope you can be blacklisted as soon as possible, and don’t act willfully.

now it’s the season of Winter Jujube’s mass market. Winter jujube tastes delicious, but many people will eat more and more after eating winter jujube, because it’s really sweet. Please be careful at this time.

because winter jujube is not as sweet as you can eat, if you eat very sweet winter jujube, it is actually soaked with saccharin. Relevant data show that the intermediate substances in the production process of saccharin can affect human brain nerves and cause great damage to liver.

the storage time of winter jujube is relatively short. Some bad businesses will spray formaldehyde and other preservatives on the surface of winter jujube. Such food will seriously damage people’s health. Please pull it into the blacklist and don’t buy it at home.

banana is rich in dietary fiber. If you eat it normally, it can speed up gastrointestinal peristalsis, discharge toxins and garbage from the body, and relieve constipation. Therefore, people who lose weight often bring bananas to the table.

when we buy bananas, we will find that some bananas are green. In fact, bananas are kept for a relatively short time. If they are not properly preserved, they will rot.

if the banana is hard, it will be sprayed with ripening agent. Once such ripening agent is eaten into the body, it will increase the metabolic burden of various organs of the body, and the ripening banana will cause more serious damage to the body.

Myrica rubra is common in the south. It is sour and sweet, which can improve people’s appetite. However, the structure of Myrica rubra is special, and it may contain bacteria and parasites.

when we often eat bayberry, if we don’t clean it thoroughly, we are likely to ingest harmful substances. After eating, we may have abdominal pain and diarrhea, and even hurt your body. I hope you can shut up.

persimmon itself tastes sweet, and now it is also the season for a large number of persimmons to go on the market. However, the shelf life of persimmon itself is relatively short. Some northerners will choose frozen persimmon. Frozen persimmon will cause strong stimulation to the intestines and stomach, and even affect the functions of the intestines and stomach.

frozen persimmon intake in the body will also increase the risk of gastric lesions, which is not conducive to health, so please quickly put this fruit on the blacklist, and do not act willfully.

carambola is a beautiful fruit, so many people like it very much. However, carambola contains certain toxins. Eating too much will increase the metabolic burden of the kidney, and even affect the normal function of various organs.

people with poor kidney may eat too much carambola, which may lead to more and more serious kidney disease, and even increase the risk of kidney cancer. Carambola, a kind of fruit, please be included in the blacklist, and don’t act willfully.

some people are frugal and reluctant to throw away rotten fruits. In fact, rotten fruits have been polluted by aflatoxin, which is a very strong carcinogen and increases the risk of liver cancer.

once aflatoxin enters the body, it will affect the health of the body, so the rotten part of the rotten fruit will be cut off and eaten in time, and the remaining part will also be infected with the toxin. I hope you don’t act willfully and frugally.

fruit itself is very good for health, but I hope you must clean it thoroughly when you eat fruit, and don’t worry about the fruit that needs to be soaked. Soaking fruit can reduce the residue of harmful substances, also help to keep the food itself clean, but also contribute to health. Focus