The most hurtful “drink” has been announced. Shut up as soon as possible. However, many people regard it as a treasure and carry it to home by the whole box

It’s OK to drink it once in a while. I’m afraid to drink it every day. Even drink it as water. The most harmful “drink” is announced. Many people regard it as Chengbao and move it to the house by box. Do you have anything you like to drink?

it’s OK to drink a small amount of coffee ground with coffee beans, but many people can’t get used to bitter coffee, so they will add a lot of sugar or sweet flavoring, and even some businesses will add fresh cream to pursue the taste.

these extra additives will not only make the body eat too much sugar, but also make the whole cup of coffee calories soar. In the long run, they will not only gain weight, but also be bad for teeth and skin.

among the carbonated drinks, the most representative one is cola, which contains 26.5G sugar per 250ml and more than 60g in a 600ml bottle.

what is the concept? Nutrition suggests that adult men should not eat more than 40 grams of sugar a day, so a bottle of coke has exceeded the standard! Excessive carbohydrate intake can easily lead to hair loss, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

functional drinks contain electrolytes such as caffeine, sodium, magnesium and potassium, which can increase the burden on the heart. In addition, alcohol itself has the effect of stimulating nerves. Therefore, it is easy to have a synergistic effect when drinking them.

the liquor mixed with functional drinks tastes better, and the drinkers will unconsciously increase their intake, resulting in excessive alcohol intake and injury. If a large amount of intake, mild can cause some gastrointestinal problems and liver damage, severe may have acute poisoning phenomenon, or even cause more serious consequences.

it’s better to drink fresh fruit juice than to eat fresh fruit directly. Fruit can lose a lot of essential dietary fiber in the process of fresh pressing, and dietary fiber is of great significance to health.

for children with newly growing deciduous teeth, eating fruits rich in fiber and having certain hardness can enhance their chewing power and promote the development of dental bed, jaw and facial bone.

a cup of milk tea is equivalent to half of the calories required by an adult woman in a day, let alone the quantity of milk tea added with ingredients. Fat people should remember not to touch milk tea.

on the other hand, milk tea contains high caffeine. A cup of milk tea is equivalent to four cups of coffee. Drinking too much will cause anxiety, insomnia, peptic ulcer and other hazards.

the human body needs to ingest 1500 ml of water every day, and it is necessary to constantly replenish the body with water every day. Adults should not drink less than six times a day. Only in this way can we achieve the effect of eliminating sweat, urinating more and eliminating toxins in the blood.

10 minutes after getting up in the morning, you should drink about 250 ml of water in small mouthfuls. People just get up, after a night of metabolism, has lost a lot of water, get up after the human body is relatively lack of water.

night is a high incidence period of vascular problems. Drinking some water half an hour before going to bed can promote blood circulation, dilute blood and prevent vascular problems caused by slow blood circulation during sleep.

after waking up at noon, drinking a glass of water in time can also wake you up faster and recover quickly. It can also protect blood vessels in the brain and make the brain more active.

these three times are the golden time to drink water, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drink water at other times, or you have to drink water. If you must feel a bit boring, you can add some healthy ingredients, while replenishing water and keeping in good health.

rose has fragrant smell, warm and dry nature, can soothe the liver and relieve depression, invigorate spleen and stomach, activate blood circulation and relieve pain, and is mostly used for regulating menstruation and calming emotions. 3-5 roses can be soaked in boiling water, or put into jujube, or drink with black tea or green tea according to the constitution.

cassia seed is the seed of Cassia obtusifolia, also known as “Huantong Zi”. Obviously, it has a health care effect on the eyes. There are records: cassia seed eyesight, in order to Zhen Qian Bu Yin for righteousness, conducive to clear fire and eyesight.

chrysanthemum cassia seed is cold in nature. With nourishing wolfberry, burdock root and other mild ingredients, it can not only excrete toxins, but also nourish the liver. It has a good health care effect for people who often smoke and drink and stay up late for social intercourse.

according to traditional Chinese medicine, clove is a necessary food material for gastrointestinal management, and it can reduce adverse reactions and stomach. Clove has excellent effect on Stomach Qi, stomach acid and stomach distension.

the special clove oil, eugenol, tannin and oleanolic acid in clove tea can relieve abdominal distension, increase gastric juice secretion and increase digestive capacity.

oleanolic acid has inhibitory effect on Helicobacter pylori, pathogenic fungi, Staphylococcus, dysentery and Escherichia coli, and one of the reasons for high incidence of gastric cancer is Helicobacter pylori infection.

clove tea can reduce the amount of traditional Chinese medicine for patients with stomach distension pain or spleen deficiency, or in the recovery period of spleen and stomach weakness, so clove tea should be taken to nourish the stomach. Although clove tea is not an expert in treating diseases, it is the best helper for regulating spleen and stomach.

studies have shown that mulberry is rich in a variety of nutrients. Especially anthocyanins, mulberry is the same quality of natural anthocyanins king, anthocyanins known as “youth factor of life”, antioxidant capacity is 20 times of vitamin C, 50 times of vitamin E.

doctors in the past believed that mulberry is the essence of mulberry, which is sweet and cold. It has three channels to enter the heart, liver and kidney. It is nutritious and absorbable. It has a good maintenance function for the elderly with poor gastrointestinal condition.

nutritionists have found that wax gourd itself contains very low calories, with only 11 calories per 100 grams. It has always been known as “weight loss melon”, and is rich in vitamins and trace elements needed by the human body.

in principle, wax gourd has the effect of reducing weight and fat because it contains propanedioic acid, which can effectively inhibit the conversion of sugar into fat. Focus