The most popular explanation of pulmonary nodules, 80% of the people can understand, general doctors can not speak so simple

The word “nodule” comes from the way the ancients recorded the time. The way the ancients recorded the days was to tie knots on the rope. Each knot was a day, and several knots were days. Each knot was a nodule. Therefore, pulmonary nodule was a pimple formed by the lung. < / P > < p > in fact, when we talk about pulmonary nodules, we have to talk about pulmonary nodule shadows. What is this concept? This is our presentation of pulmonary nodules in imaging. Our imaging is specialized in the study of CT, magnetic resonance, color Doppler ultrasound and other auxiliary examination disciplines. This discipline originated from Roentgen’s discovery of X-ray. Until now, CT machine still uses X-ray imaging to realize the examination of body lesions. There is no essential difference between X-ray and light, but one can not be perceived by our naked eyes, the other can perceive that the lung is an inflatable organ X-ray is easy to pass. If a nodule grows in the lung, it is equivalent to a table tennis ball in the sun, leaving a spherical shadow on the negative film. Therefore, the pulmonary nodule becomes a nodule shadow in imaging. In fact, other lesions are also called shadows, such as consolidation shadow, space occupying shadow and exudation shadow. When it is unclear, it is also called lung shadow or abnormal lung shadow 。 In fact, the definition of pulmonary nodule is based on the size of its diameter. On imaging, spherical lesions less than or equal to 3cm or pimples can be called nodules, and those larger than 3cm are called masses. There is no essential difference between the two. Most of them are just the division of diameter. However, if the final diagnosis is lung cancer, the tumor larger than 3cm needs chemotherapy after surgery Radiotherapy, most lung cancer less than 3cm need no further treatment after surgery. < / P > < p > then what should I do if I check out the pulmonary nodules? Generally, there are multiple dimensions to judge. For example, if the diameter is less than 5mm, it is called micro nodules. Most of the micro nodules are benign, and follow-up observation is OK. Even if they are malignant, most of them will not lose the chance of radical cure. But what if the diameter is larger, such as greater than 8mm, you should be careful If it is a mixed ground glass nodule of more than 8 mm, it is better to see a thoracic surgeon. If necessary, surgical resection can be performed, and the radical cure can be basically achieved. < / P > < p > here is the concept of mixed ground glass nodule. To understand it, we must understand what a ground glass nodule is. As we said above, a long nodule on the lung is equivalent to a table tennis ball in the sun. The table tennis ball is completely opaque. If the table tennis ball is filled with small holes and some light passes through, it will leave a translucent shadow on the negative film, which is called ground glass Yin In fact, the pathological basis is that abnormal cells grow in the bronchial epithelium of the lung. However, most of these cells are confined to the epithelial layer and do not grow to other parts and are completely filled with alveoli, so that some places can pass X-ray, forming ground glass like performance. < / P > < p > mixed ground glass nodules are the core parts of these ground glass shadows. The cells grow some, which is equivalent to a wooden ball inserted into the core of the sponge ball. Many of these manifestations are malignant. If it is more than 8mm, it may be further developed or even transferred. < / P > < p > in addition, ground glass nodules more than 1 cm and solid nodules more than 1.5 cm are all relatively dangerous nodules, which can be removed surgically, unless the doctor determines that they are low-risk nodules after seeing the film. < / P > < p > therefore, the most important thing is to look at the diameter and change of pulmonary nodules. It doesn’t matter if the diameter is small, but it doesn’t matter if the diameter is small. If the diameter is large, it will grow up gradually. However, even if the nodules are malignant, most of them can be cured by surgery. Basically, they can live to the age of normal people. HEALTHY LIFE