The natural “rotten liver king” was found out, not tobacco and alcohol, and told his family: this kind of food should be thrown away as soon as possible

Therefore, many bad habits in daily life bear the brunt of the damage to the human body is the liver. Cancer expert academician Sun Yan once said that “liver cancer patients are increasing year by year, excluding other factors, diet and living habits, the damage to the liver is the most serious.” < / P > < p > when it comes to bad living and eating habits, it is estimated that many people will first think of alcohol and tobacco, which is really harmful to the liver. However, it is not tobacco and alcohol that hurt the liver most, but the following kind of food. Let’s get to know it quickly. < / P > < p > I believe many people like to eat fungus vegetables. Because fungi are not only delicious and juicy, but also contain a lot of nutrients. Fungi contain higher quality protein than meat, dairy products and bean products. So fungi often appear on the table of every household. < / P > < p > however, if fungi are not well prepared, they are also a very deadly food. For example, agaric needs water to soak before frying, and the soaking time is too long, it will breed aflatoxin. < / P > < p > aflatoxin has a high carcinogenic rate and is listed as a class I carcinogen by who. Aflatoxin does not decrease after being cooked at high temperature. After entering the human body, it first attacks the liver and fights with healthy liver cells, causing liver damage. < / P > < p > after aging, the damaged hepatocytes adhere to the surface of the liver and produce liver cirrhosis, which leads to liver cancer for a long time. Under normal circumstances, fungus like Auricularia auricula should not be soaked in hot water for more than 30 minutes. < / P > < p > if the fungus food bubbles for more than 24 hours, it is best not to eat, especially in the hot season, it is easier to breed bacteria, so as not to cause poisoning. < / P > < p > animal viscera will become delicious food on the table through various cooking techniques. Especially in the environment where Chinese believe in what to eat and what to eat, animal liver is very popular. But at present, most animal livers on the market are bred, which not only contain a lot of fat and cholesterol, but also contain excessive heavy metals. < / P > < p > after sugars enter the human body, they will stimulate the human nerve to secrete dopamine and produce a pleasant feeling. Therefore, many people like to eat sweets, especially milk tea. Almost every time they travel, they buy a cup to drink. Excessive sugar into the body will be converted into fat accumulation in the body and liver, resulting in obesity and fatty liver. < / P > < p > often angry will lead to mood always in a high state, in this case, it will lead to liver fire exuberant, liver gas rampant, liver often in this environment, it will cause liver fatigue, lead to liver lesions. If the liver is not good, there will be all kinds of diseases. If the liver has poor catharsis function, the circulation of Qi and blood is not smooth, and the ascending of liver Qi will affect the metabolism and decomposition function, resulting in the failure of normal operation of multiple organs. < / P > < p > chrysanthemum, medlar and cassia seed tea is a kind of high-quality liver nourishing tea which is scientifically and reasonably matched. It is recorded in the ancient prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine that chrysanthemum, cassia seed, burdock root, etc. can regulate liver meridian, restore liver blood circulation and other functions. Through repeated experiments, scientific ratio, regular drinking can help liver detoxification, clean up garbage and toxins accumulated in liver, accelerate metabolism, and effectively prevent liver diseases. < / P > < p > the human body needs rest to recover physical strength, so does the liver. At night, it is an important period for the liver to regenerate and cultivate. If you stay up late in this period, it will cause liver blood retrograde, liver fire exuberant, affect the rest of the liver. In the long run, it will cause liver fatigue and lead to liver disease. Therefore, if you want to have a healthy liver, you must go to bed on time, go to bed early and get up early. PARRENT&CHILDREN