The neck grows small flesh grain, also can affect health? Attention may be paid to these troubles

But some people look in the mirror and find that they don’t know when they grow a lot of small meatball like things on their necks, and it’s not painful to touch them.

folliculitis is not only found in the head, face, shoulder and other parts, but also easy to appear in the neck. If the location of the disease is the neck, there will be small bumps on the neck, and it will also be accompanied by redness, itching, pain, etc. if it is deep folliculitis, the feeling of pain will be more obvious.

therefore, in the early stage of folliculitis, we should only look at it as soon as possible. If the infection affects the hair follicles of the whole neck, it will lead to deep folliculitis and perifollicular inflammation and other consequences, and if it develops further, it will also form furuncle and carbuncle.

the biggest one of the small meat grains on the neck is fat particles. Although all parts of the body will grow fat particles, but the probability of appearing on the neck is higher. Many obese people can cause fat granules to grow.

but patients with fatty liver or hyperlipidemia will also grow fat granules on their necks. At this time, they need to go to the hospital to check the blood lipid index actively. Don’t be careless.

some small meat particles on the neck are caused by human papillomavirus infection. Such as flat wart, filiform wart, pseudo soft wart and so on. Flat wart generally appears in young people’s body, filiform wart generally grows in the old people’s body.

and women infected with HPV can also lead to the possibility of cervical cancer. If this wart is small, the meat should be examined actively.

because in the humid and hot summer, a large amount of sweat on the body is not easy to evaporate, and the accumulation of excessive sweat in the neck will easily lead to the blockage of the sweat pipe, and the surrounding tissues will form small flesh like papules or blisters. However, this situation is obviously seasonal, mainly in summer.

if there are a lot of small meat particles on the neck, and they are constantly turning black, such as grayish brown or grayish brown, and the surface is very rough, we need to pay attention to whether it is acanthosis nigricans.

in this case, it is necessary to check the possibility of excreting visceral adenoma in a timely and serious manner. Do not be careless and check as soon as possible. Acanthosis nigricans is likely to be accompanied by visceral tumor.

there are many reasons for the appearance of small meat granules on the neck, which will not only affect the beauty, but also harm the health. Therefore, although the appearance of small meat particles is not painful or itchy, don’t be careless.