The new coronavirus patted the fighting nation, and the other side replied with a wine burp

The clock turned back to the beginning of February, when China was engaged in the most intimate anti epidemic war. Tens of thousands of medical staff went to Hubei in batches to carry out close “hand to hand” with the new coronavirus.

we didn’t leave a poem for everyone to preach, and we didn’t promise 100 million to the media. Instead, we directly sent a special plane to transport 60 to 70 tons of medical materials.

Russia’s approach is very similar to the way “proud and tender big brother” cares about his girlfriend: instead of talking about drinking more hot water like a straight man, he quietly leaves his warm baby, waves his sleeves, and does not take away a cloud.

since January 13, inspection forces have been strengthened at Russian entry-exit ports related to China, especially at Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg. Every week, there are about 5-8 aircraft arriving at St. Petersburg from China, with more than 1000 people. All passengers from China are subject to strict inspection.

on January 22, a Russian citizen flying from Shanghai to St. Petersburg was identified as suspected of being infected with new coronavirus. The 23-year-old Russian citizen arrived at Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg on January 22. He also made transit flights in Krasnoyarsk and Moscow. The airport said the passenger had a high fever of 38 degrees during the flight.

Alexei Yakovlev, chief physician of the bautkin infectious diseases hospital in St. Petersburg, said the suspected coronavirus was admitted to the hospital. The hospital admitted that the Russian citizen had symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection. In Petersburg, local media released photos of the scene, you can see a medical staff wearing protective clothing pushing a patient with a stretcher.

on the same day, Russian media said that there was another passenger who felt unwell at Moscow’s sheremetyvo airport, but it was released after being examined by a professional doctor.

over the next two months, the number of confirmed cases in Russia did not increase again. Russia in February has become a “depression” of the global epidemic. Until March 2, a Russian citizen who returned from Italy on holiday was diagnosed in Moscow. The pebble was thrown to the lake, but it did not make much waves.

on March 5, another Italian citizen flying from Italy to St. Petersburg was diagnosed, and St. Petersburg also ushered in the first case of infection. Soon after, the epidemic situation in the Russian Federation became somewhat uncontrolled.

just like the impression of the new coronavirus, as long as there are omissions in protective measures, explosive growth will inevitably occur. In the three weeks from March 17 to April 9, the number of confirmed cases in Russia rose from 100 to 10000.

on April 16, the Republic of Altay announced its first confirmed case, so far none of Russia’s 85 federal entities was “spared”. At this time, the number of confirmed cases in Russia has reached 27938.

since April, the number of newly diagnosed cases in Russia has reached new highs, and in the last ten days of April, it has never dropped below 4000 cases. On April 30, Russia broke through the 100000 mark.

at that time, there was also a rumor about Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Internet: the president said that Russians had two choices: to stay at home for two weeks or to stay in prison for five years! 800 tigers and lions will be released nationwide to ensure that people stay at home during the outbreak!

at the early stage of the Russian epidemic, Putin said that the epidemic situation in Russia was changing every day and did not improve. He stressed that if necessary, national defense forces will be used to fight the epidemic. It is necessary to use all medical institutions as well as students from medical universities and medical schools. Increase cost support for them and equip them with personal protective equipment. In addition to efficient work abroad, the Russian Ministry of defense has allocated additional funds. Work has been carried out in many areas of the Russian Federation to establish new infectious disease hospitals as reserves, which can be put into use when necessary.

Putin also said that the Russian government will allocate 10 billion rubles to local governments in the near future to provide subsidies to medical personnel. From April, a special federal grant will be established for medical personnel who have direct contact with confirmed cases for a period of three months. Doctors who have direct contact with confirmed cases will receive a monthly subsidy of 80000 rubles. Medical assistants, nurses, ambulance doctors, etc. will also receive subsidies of varying amounts.

according to the introduction, the design of these shelter hospitals can ensure that patients are in independent wards, and there is no contact between patients or between patients and medical staff. In such wards, patients have independent testing and treatment equipment.

after all of them are put into use, 16 shelter hospitals can treat 1600 patients at the same time. In order to continuously supply Kaliningrad with construction materials, ships from the Baltic Fleet participated in the transport. Military transport aircraft also participate in the transportation of specialized equipment and metal components.

Petrovsky factory in Nizhny Novgorod has been responsible for the production of military products for the Russian navy. At present, they have begun to produce sterilization lamps for air disinfection, with a daily output of 500 units. Meanwhile, they are ready to put into production of ventilators. A military clothing factory in Kursk has switched to medical protective clothing, masks and goggles. At the military plant in kabalda, reusable masks are being produced. The masks will be provided free of charge to local hospitals.

in order to detect mild and early cases in time, the nucleic acid detection volume in Russia has also been high-intensity. As of July, Russia is ahead of other countries in the world with a detection rate of 5.9%.

popova, director of the Russian Federation’s Bureau of consumer protection and public welfare supervision, said on April 28 that more than 500 laboratories in Russia can carry out new coronavirus detection. At that time, there were about 24 nucleic acid tests per 1000 people in Russia.

according to the data of Russia’s Center for macroeconomic analysis and short-term forecast, Russia has invested 500 billion rubles in the field of health care to purchase masks, protective clothing and detection reagents, deploy 16 shelter hospitals, more than 80000 doctors, more than 180000 medical assistants and more than 177000 beds. Russia’s per capita medical resources are in the forefront of the world, and hospitals ensure that all accounts receivable and comprehensive treatment.

during the severe epidemic period, the national isolation holiday was extended many times. On March 25, Putin announced a national holiday to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus in Russia. The holiday was then extended to April 30, and then again to May 11.

individuals who do not comply with the isolation regulations will face a fine of up to 40000 rubles; those who fail to comply with the isolation regulations and cause infection and death of others will face the punishment of up to five years’ imprisonment. According to media reports at that time, about 29% of Russian companies allowed employees to take unpaid leave, 22% of them were considering unpaid leave, and more companies implemented salary reductions to varying degrees. On April 29, local time, the head of Russia’s Ministry of economic development, Maxim resehnikov, said that it would provide grants of 80 billion rubles to small and medium-sized enterprises in the affected areas. At present, nearly 6000 enterprises have obtained interest free loans.

in a sense, vodka is not only a “representative of national characteristics”, but also an object with Russian feelings. Russian people also have special feelings for this wine.

as early as May 2003, Vitali zverlev, director of the Institute of viral preparation in anzapalize, Russia, said: if you can drink 100 grams of vodka every day, it will be enough to prevent SARS.

on February 4, Sergei Popov, a 67 year old dentist, wrote a short poem in his diary on the Diamond Princess: “a Russian tourist who has vodka, lard and bread can be free from the fear of new coronavirus!”

it is obvious that he is a Russian of pure blood, and what he says is true. After President Putin ordered the whole country to be closed down, supermarkets were really robbed. Empty is not only toilet paper shelves and essential rations shelves, vodka overhead is the most lonely.

at that time, the “folk characteristic folk prescription” for the prevention and treatment of new coronavirus in Russia was vodka, garlic, ginger, pepper and other spicy things, which people thought could kill the virus.

the Archbishop of Moscow’s Anglican Church also spoke publicly. For the sake of the health of the believers, the cross and the icon could not be kissing, and the church assembly was suspended. But parish residents novel coronavirus can be obtained by killing two new types of coronavirus.

the most consistent thing in Russia from top to bottom is its attitude towards vodka. Hearing the national high-level said such “exciting” anti epidemic methods, people must be at home cheering up.

the original intention of paid vacation is to isolate at home. However, many people regard it as a social day. They go out for barbecue and dinner. There is no thorough and strict monitoring and management in the community, and citizens go to the streets to walk dogs and bask in the sun without protection.

a Chinese student in St. Petersburg also said that although the epidemic situation is becoming more and more serious, many local Russians still go out as usual. “Although there are not as many people going out on the street as before, there are still people who go out to walk their dogs without masks, and some push their children out to bask in the sun. Of course, some need to go out to work normally.”

the lack of public attention has made the original strict anti epidemic policy loose. However, the new coronavirus is to treat all kinds of disobedience. If you are modest, orderly and obedient, it will be “open”. People who take the new crown seriously don’t seem to have a good result in the end.

after the outbreak of the European epidemic, a large number of Russians returned from Italy, Britain, France, Spain and other places, and at the same time, they also brought the “new coronavirus gift package” back home.

on April 9, Russia experienced a domestic outbreak, and the new cases reached a new high in a single day. President Putin stressed that Russia’s primary task at present is to ensure national security. The Russian military has been fully engaged in the fight against the epidemic. At this time, Moscow is the most serious epidemic area in Russia, with confirmed cases accounting for 66% of the country.

according to the Russian tourism administration, as of April 1, about 160000 Russian citizens have returned to Russia from 43 countries, most of them from Italy, France and Spain. After these citizens arrived in Russia, many of them only carried out home isolation without nucleic acid testing. The Russian authorities simply recorded their citizenship, and the follow-up tracking became a difficult problem.

as an important transportation hub in Eurasia, the early imported cases foreshadowed the outbreak of the epidemic in Moscow. The population of Moscow accounts for one tenth of the total population of Russia, and the higher population density lays the foundation for the subsequent community communication.

although Russia has restricted the entry of foreigners since March 18, announced the closure of all border ports on March 27, and suspended all international flights except for the implementation of evacuation flights, but the traffic links between domestic cities have never been cut off, and tickets from Mosco to other Russian cities can be easily bought online. In other words, Russia’s prevention and control policy only “closed the country” but not “the city”. This is also the main reason why the epidemic situation in Russia has gradually spread from Moscow to the whole country.

on May 1, 57300 cases were diagnosed in Moscow alone