The old man learns these moves to help you eat well without wasting

Yu Xiao, director of the Nutrition Department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University of traditional Chinese medicine and vice chairman of the nutrition branch of the association of Integrated Chinese and Western medicine of Zhejiang Province, put forward some suggestions for family meals and designed a weekly diet for the elderly. It is suggested that there should be at least 12 kinds of food every day and more than 25 kinds of food per week. For example, adults are advised to take 40 to 75 grams of meat, poultry and livestock, 40 to 75 grams of aquatic products, and 40 to 50 grams of eggs per day. < / P > < p > the middle-aged and the elderly can make appropriate adjustments according to their own physical conditions and digestive capacity, follow the principle of the same kind of exchange, and often eat food in exchange. Special attention should be paid to the fact that it is best to supplement milk, bean products and nuts every day, and to supplement enough vitamins and calcium. < / P > < p > many old people have Juicers in their homes, so they put everything in them. Experts suggest that fruit juice should not replace fruit itself. If it is due to chewing reasons caused by insufficient nutrition intake, nuts and other hard food can be ground into powder, easy to eat. In addition, seasonal and local food should be selected as far as possible. Seasonal food is the “weapon” provided by nature to deal with the problems in this season. But the off-season food, needs the artificial manufacture suitable for the plant growth environment, the consumption increases naturally. < / P > < p > many “cook” women worry about what they eat every day when they open their eyes. If they have no plan, it is likely that some of them will not take enough food and some will overdo it. Learning to write recipes is also a way to save food. < / P > < p > if you make a good plan, you won’t buy a pile of vegetables aimlessly. When you go home, you will find that you can’t eat them and you can only waste them. Experts suggest that before you go out to buy vegetables, you can check the inventory first, and make a shopping plan according to the number of people who eat, food preferences and other factors when purchasing food materials. When buying, pay attention to check the food label, especially pay attention to the shelf life, short shelf life to buy less. Don’t think that the refrigerator is a “safe”. It is difficult to ensure the freshness of ingredients if you buy more than one week at a time. < p > < p > in pursuit of food diversity and nutrition balance, we should also pay attention to food preparation on demand, family meal sharing and simple dining. The effective way to control food intake is to divide meals, especially for some diabetics. They eat more unconsciously and exceed the standard once blood glucose is measured. It’s better to distribute the food to everyone according to the amount of food eaten, which can not only ensure nutrition, but also avoid food waste to a large extent. < / P > < p > besides purchasing, cooking with heart can also reduce waste. For example, by using leftovers, the watermelon skin can be cold mixed for cooking; the bean dregs left by grinding soybean milk can be used as egg cakes; lettuce leaves can be fried, and the nutritional value is even higher than lettuce itself; dumplings with the remaining celery leaves can not be wasted and meat and vegetable collocation can kill two birds with one stone. The body function of the middle-aged and elderly people has declined in varying degrees or some chronic diseases have appeared. We should pay more attention to the diversification of food and carefully design the diet. A small number of meals, eat how much to do, both to ensure health and not waste. Focus