The old man “released” 19-year-old pet dog, police door-to-door fine of 500, the reason is heartbreaking

I believe that many friends have met stray cats and dogs on the roadside. Some of them may have been abandoned by their owners. Many people may not know that this practice has violated the law. Recently, Shanghai Pudong police investigated the first case of dog owners abandoning dogs in Shanghai. What kind of punishment will be imposed?

at noon on July 28, a delivery boy found a dog with a collar around Longyang Road on Dongfang Road, and there were signs of injury. It was suspected that it was a lost pet dog. After the pet hospital inspection, the dog pelvic fracture, due to the high cost of follow-up treatment, the little brother could not afford to pay, so he bought some dog food, put the dog back to its original place, and asked the local police station for help.

according to the investigation, the dog had applied for the dog registration certificate on July 27, 2011, and had been vaccinated in that year, but there was no record to check since then. According to the dog owner’s registered address, the police found an old couple.

at the police station, the old couple said that the dog, named Wangzai, was nearly 19 years old this year. On the day of abandoning him on July 28, he originally wanted to euthanize him, but he was reluctant to let him live, so he was released directly.

according to Article 47, the owner of a dog shall not abandon his dog. If he violates the regulation, he shall be fined not less than 500 yuan but not more than 2000 yuan by the public security department, and the dog will be taken into custody. The dog owner shall not apply for it within five years.

Finally, the police imposed a fine of 500 yuan on the elderly and educated them to popularize the law. The old couple admitted their mistakes and said they would not commit them again in the future.

abandoning a dog is a very irresponsible act; but in this case, it seems too simple to blame blindly. This pet dog is nearly 19 years old, equivalent to more than 100 years old of human beings. Indeed, life is coming to an end. The aging pet dog and an old couple are old companions; they have been living in human families for more than ten years and have established a deep relationship, which can be seen from the fact that the elderly are not willing to euthanize dogs. Perhaps, raising an aging pet dog, for the elderly, is really unsustainable, but abandonment should not be a choice. Pet dogs bring true feelings and joy to countless elderly families, but the day of departure will come. Can we do something about this situation?