The old people in rural areas tell us that old dogs can’t be raised because there are such stories

Nowadays, there are many dog owners, and civilized dog keeping advocates keeping both dogs for the whole life. The purpose is to reduce the abandonment of pet dogs, thus reducing the generation of stray dogs. This is a good thing that is both civilized and energetic, but it is not the case in the eyes of the elderly people in the countryside. Of course, rural people now have dogs almost the same as those in the city. The function of the dog as a guard has been lost, and the role of the dog in the countryside is not very important. But when a dog is old, it can become a fine dog. Many dog owners hope that the dog, who has been with people for a long time, knows a lot about the master’s family affairs through the observation of his master for a long time. This is a good dog who is obedient and sensible in people’s eyes. Now let’s explain with a story in the past why the rural elderly have such a view.

in the past, a family in the countryside needed to do carpentry. So a carpenter from the neighboring village was invited. At noon, the carpenter’s wife went to the market town to buy two catties of meat to entertain the carpenter. After buying the vegetables and meat, they put them on the table in the main room, and then they went to work for the carpenter. But when cooking, the dishes on the table were still there, but there was no meat, so the host was very angry and blamed his wife for not willing to spend money and lost face. The wife also has no way to explain, the whole family and carpenter had a vegetarian meal, the host still nagged at the table sorry carpenter. But the carpenter said he knew how the meat was gone. When he came into the house to get the tools, he saw the rhubarb dog standing on the stool eating the meat. The owner understood this, but most of the dogs in the countryside were waiting at the table when they were eating. The dog was beaten by its owner.

at that time, the dog’s expression was very strange. The carpenter saw it in his eyes, but the dog gave him an unfriendly look, and the carpenter ran out. As a result, after dinner, the carpenter went home on foot and borrowed a stick from the master’s house, saying it was for self-defense. Sure enough, just out of the village, the rhubarb dog jumped at the carpenter from the ditch. The carpenter had been on guard. Under a fight, the yellow dog was killed. The carpenter went back to the master’s house and told him to listen to it. The master and his wife did not believe it. They followed the carpenter to the place where the incident happened. It was true.

that is to say, the rhubarb dog understood what the carpenter said, so he was beaten for several times and took revenge on the carpenter on his way home. It shows that older dogs can really understand a lot of things about their owners and understand a lot of human languages. For example, we often say some words, such as eating, sleeping, going to the toilet and so on. Even our one-year multilateral grazing can understand, but who knows how much it knows, none of us know.

although the concept has changed, dogs have become human pets and companion animals. But one thing will not change, that is, their cleverness and their nature to please their masters will not change. Therefore, they will know a lot about the masters and understand a lot of human languages. There is a scientific reason for this. Therefore, we can treat them as dogs. Although they can’t speak, they can understand a lot about us. Just pay attention to the good civilization of raising dogs, and be more tolerant to others and society.