The owner made a mushroom hair for the dog. It looked serious, as if her mother had cut her hair back!

Now there are more and more people, like to keep a pet of their own, just like their own baby, dress them up beautifully, so it is also very face-saving to take them out! However, sometimes the owners do their modeling, although the rate of return is very high, but really not good-looking ah!

one netizen has a dog at home. This dog’s hair is particularly exuberant. If you don’t cut it for a long time, you may not even be able to see its eyes, so the owner often combs its hair. Recently netizens listen to barber’s suggestion, cut a new model for dog! This kind of hairstyle with mushroom head is very common among human beings. It’s just a haircut for dogs. How can you feel a little awkward!

as like as two peas, I don’t know why. When I see what a dog looks like, I think that when my mother goes out to make a model, it looks exactly the same. With the dog’s expression, I can’t help laughing! Dog: on my temperament, who will let me three points, I am a mother level!