The owner of black leopard didn’t make a will before he died, and his personal property was only 930000 US dollars

On October 18, the media revealed that Taylor Simone Ledward, the wife of Chadwick Bosman, the Panther, was authorized to manage her husband’s estate. It is reported that Chadwick Bosman did not make a will before he died. According to local law, his wife Taylor will get the joint property owned by the husband and wife, and separate her independent property from Chadwick Bosman’s parents.

according to the documents, Bosman’s legacy contains personal property worth about 939000 US dollars, which makes people wonder, as a marvel actor, how can Bosman’s personal property be so small? Does it cost a lot to see a doctor?

according to the statistics in 2019, three of the top 10 actors in the world are Marvel actors. US captain Chris Evans ranks 10th with $34 million, Raytheon Chris Hemsworth ranks 4th with $64.5 million, and iron man Robert Downey ranks 3rd with $81 million. The personal property of the superhero Panther is only $930000.

after the death of Chadwick Bosman, Taylor was reported to be pregnant by the media. When she went out, she was plump and had a lot of weight. She really seemed to be pregnant. In the face of the dispute that her wife was pregnant soon after her husband died, her friend said “no surprise”, because since Chadwick Bosman learned that she was ill, she wanted to seize the time to have a baby with Taylor It’s a little bit hard.

Chadwick Bosman died of colon cancer on August 29. The news of his death at the age of 43 made people around him deeply grieved. Many people wrote in mourning. Chadwick Bosman’s family called him “the real soldier” on the social platform.

in fact, Chadwick Bosman has been suffering from colon cancer for four years. During this period, he always insisted on filming while fighting for his illness. According to netizens’ speculation, Chadwick Bosman was suffering from illness when shooting a famous movie. However, he insisted on playing with his illness. It can be said that he was very dedicated. A few months before his death, netizens also photographed him in a wheelchair, and his condition was unbearable Optimistic.

as a powerful actor, Chadwick Bosman has rich acting experience. He once played the black panther in the movie, and his representative works were widely praised by the audience, which changed the stereotype of black people among netizens, and won the honor of male film star of the year of the 44th people’s Choice Award for his work.

although Chadwick Bosman died, his works will remain in the hearts of netizens. He hopes his wife will get rid of the pain and look forward to the good news of the birth of her baby. You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao