The pain of the following parts during pregnancy is mostly caused by calcium deficiency of Taibao. Baoma needs scientific calcium supplement

After pregnancy, the physical burden of pregnant mother is very heavy. If one person’s body supports two people, she needs to supplement sufficient nutrients. Sometimes some of the symptoms of the body, is probably caused by calcium deficiency. Encounter this kind of circumstance, pregnant mother does not hold up, otherwise to oneself and fetal development can produce adverse effect.

pregnant mothers often feel leg cramps, especially when they are sleeping. Sometimes they even wake up from pain in their sleep. This kind of feeling is really uncomfortable, and sometimes it is difficult to recover from it the next day. We have the same experience in adolescence. At that time, because of the rapid growth rate, we often lacked calcium, so we often had leg cramps.

calcium ion plays an important regulatory role in the process of muscle contraction. If the concentration of calcium ion in the blood is very low, leg cramps will occur frequently. So leg cramps can be used as an important indicator of calcium deficiency.

teeth are the places with the most calcium content in the body parts. Calcium effectively ensures the stability and normal occlusion of teeth. If the lack of calcium, teeth are easy to loose, pain, and even make it not strong, just like the elderly calcium deficiency, teeth will also have such a situation, serious even teeth will fall off, all pregnant teeth protection is also very important.

the study found that after pregnancy, because of the influence of estrogen and progesterone hormone, gingivitis will aggravate, and often lead to tooth pain, but this kind of pain is still different from that caused by calcium deficiency. Therefore, if a pregnant mother feels that there is a problem with her teeth, it is better to go to the hospital to have a timely examination, and find out the characteristics of the two, so that they can be identified in time 。

if the pregnant mother’s calcium is insufficient, then the calcium in the body will first be transmitted to the baby through the umbilical cord to maintain the healthy development of the baby. At this time, the pregnant mother’s own calcium deficiency is likely to lead to osteoporosis.

especially in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, the volume of the fetus gradually increases, and the uterus also becomes larger and larger. The pelvis begins to compress, making the pelvis wider and wider. This sense of oppression will lead to different degrees of backache and backache among pregnant mothers.

the fetus has just developed in the early pregnancy, and the pregnant mother with good physical quality can hardly feel his existence. Naturally, the nutrients needed are very little, and the calcium content needed to supplement is about 800 mg every day.

at this stage, the development speed of the fetus is very fast, and it will naturally absorb a lot of nutrients from the mother. Just relying on the usual diet can not meet the development needs of the fetus, so we need to add some calcium.

on the basis of daily diet, we can add some calcium supplement food, or eat some calcium tablets with high calcium content, so as to fully ensure the healthy development of the baby.

the growth and development of the baby in the late pregnancy is basically in a stable state, so the supplement of calcium can be slightly reduced, otherwise the baby’s growth is relatively fast, it is easy to be bulky, and it is very difficult to be born.

dairy products, nuts, bean products, etc. contain a lot of calcium. Pregnant women can eat more of this kind of food during pregnancy, but in order to better digest, the diet should pay attention to meat and vegetable collocation, not only to eat more high protein and calcium food, but also to eat vegetables with high vitamin content. But spinach, bamboo shoots and other vegetables contain high content of oxalic acid, will have a certain effect on calcium absorption, so it is best not to take in.

more sun exposure can effectively promote the absorption of calcium, otherwise even if a large amount of calcium is ingested, it will not be absorbed, and nutrients will be wasted. In addition, sometimes only relying on food can not fully meet the requirements of fetal development, so you can choose appropriate calcium tablets or drugs as supplement, under the guidance of doctors can be used on demand. Small habits of pregnancy not only affect the health of pregnant mother, but also delay the development of the fetus, don’t ignore