The palace mouth opens “5 fingers” did not move, “the strong dance group” the boudoir comes to assist, the parturient C jumps high

It is said that it is hard to conceive in October, but compared with childbirth, the pain during pregnancy is not worth mentioning. For the natural delivery of pregnant women, the process of full opening of the palace is very difficult, the pain can not be described in words. In hospital obstetrics and Gynecology, it is not difficult to see the pain in the corridor, move forward bit by bit, only to speed up the speed of opening the palace. Some time ago, there was an interesting video on the Internet: a gay man with a hundred yuan bills dangled in front of his wife, just to provide a little motivation for his wife waiting for the palace to be fully opened, hoping that her attention would be shifted from pain. I thought it was new enough, but there are more wonderful examples. < p > < p > when a puerpera gave birth to a baby, she chose to have a natural birth, but the palace opened five fingers, but the child was not in a hurry, and there was no movement. The doctor suggested appropriate activities, to see if the baby can come out after continuing to open the finger. As a result, five girlfriends formed a “dance girl group”, leading the pregnant mother standing in position C to get up with the music rhythm, and the delivery room became a “disco”. The pregnant mother couldn’t resist and began to wriggle. < / P > < p > after a period of exercise, the maternal uterine mouth opened from five fingers to seven fingers, and the baby was ready to move. Finally, under the collective call of five girlfriends and Baoma, the baby was born. Medical staff can not help but tease: the baby face is big enough, so many people to cheer him up. < / P > < p > before giving birth, pregnant mothers can walk back and forth in the corridor or climb stairs, which is really painful. They can be supported by their families and walk forward a little bit. Don’t give up because of pain. The pregnant mother with good physical strength can also do a few frog squats as appropriate. Squatting up and down can promote pelvic relaxation and accelerate uterine opening. < / P > < p > when accompanied by medical staff, you can sit on the production ball, open your legs to the left or right or gently shake up and down, which can reduce the pain and accelerate the opening of the uterine orifice. < / P > < p > if the pregnant mother has tried hard for a long time and there is no effect, then the oxytocin needle can be used to induce uterine contraction according to the doctor’s advice. Oxytocin has no harm to the baby, so pregnant mothers can use it safely. < p > < p > in general, it takes 10-12 hours for the first-time mothers to open their fingers, while it only takes 6-8 hours for mothers who have two or more children. Because I have already had delivery experience, so the opening process will be faster. It is reasonable for doctors to suggest appropriate activities to help open fingers. Exercise can accelerate uterine contraction, thus increasing the speed of finger opening. If the pregnant mother keeps exercising regularly or her physical strength is good, she will not wait so long to open her fingers. After the first three months of pregnancy, you can start to do some small range of exercise. Don’t wait until the baby is about to start. Cramming is not very useful. < / P > < p > the pregnant mother is in a good mood, and the baby in her belly is also in a good mood. She will actively cooperate with the doctor and Baoma to come to this world smoothly. If the pregnant woman is too nervous and anxious, it will certainly affect the speed of opening the finger, and can not cooperate with the doctor very well. If the delivery time is prolonged, you will suffer a lot of crimes. < p > < p > exercise can help the pregnant mother to give birth smoothly, but we must pay attention to the amount and range, and it is better to have someone around. The process of waiting for the opening of the finger is difficult. The pregnant mother must insist on it and not give up easily. Relatives and friends should also encourage and support the puerpera to meet the arrival of a new life together. Focus