The person that liver function drops, avoid “four things”, insist on “four things”, liver disease or slowly improve

The liver is very important for human health. Normal liver function can timely discharge toxins and garbage from the body, maintain the normal operation of the body’s internal environment, and enhance the body’s resistance and immunity.

the liver is the only organ in the human body that has no pain nerves, and its compensation ability is very strong. Even if it has been injured, it can still maintain the normal operation of the human body.

so liver disease is very difficult to detect. Once you find that you are not feeling well, you may be in the middle or late stage when you go to the hospital for examination, and it is very difficult to cure. In fact, the emergence of any disease is traceable.

if the liver function is abnormal, a large amount of toxins and garbage will be accumulated in the body, and the metabolism of bilirubin in the body will also be affected. Jaundice may easily occur in the skin, and skin itching will also occur.

so if you find that your skin is obviously yellow and itchy is very serious, it is recommended that you go to the hospital to check the liver function in time. Don’t drag it. This may be a warning signal from liver disease.

according to traditional Chinese medicine: the liver opens its orifices to the eyes. When the liver function gradually decreases, the eyes will also change significantly. You will find signs of abnormal yellowing of the sclera of the eyes.

at the same time, it will also be accompanied by abnormal itching of eyes and feeling of fatigue and swelling, which may be a distress signal sent to you by liver lesions. Please go to the hospital in time to check the liver function.

under normal conditions, a person’s mouth should be ruddy and glossy, indicating that Qi and blood in the body run smoothly, and there is less toxic waste. If your liver function gradually decreases, the body’s detoxification and metabolism are abnormal, resulting in the retention of toxin waste in the body.

there will also be obvious blackening of the lips. If you have this phenomenon, try not to ignore it. I hope you can go to the hospital in time to check the liver function and pay attention to the maintenance of the liver.

if the skin is exposed to the sun, it will appear obvious blackening. However, if you have not received strong ultraviolet radiation, the skin will become darker and darker over a period of time, which is mostly due to abnormal liver function detoxification.

if the liver has pathological changes, the metabolism in the body will also be affected, and even the normal function of the skin will change, and the skin will gradually turn dark, especially the eye socket.

alcohol is rated as a first-class carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Long term excessive intake of alcohol will lead to pathological changes of liver cells, induce alcoholic liver disease, and eventually develop into liver cancer.

after alcohol enters the human body, about 90% of alcohol needs to be metabolized by the liver. Moreover, acetaldehyde, an intermediate product of alcohol in the body, can not be completely converted into acetaldehyde acetate. The content of acetaldehyde gradually increases, damaging liver cells and promoting pathological changes and necrosis of liver cells.

studies have confirmed that unchanged nuts and grains, such as peanuts and corn, contain carcinogens. Aflatoxin has a certain carcinogenicity, especially aflatoxin B1, which is more carcinogenic and will increase the risk of liver cancer.

aflatoxin is rated as a class I carcinogen by the World Health Organization, and aflatoxin is 68 times as much as arsenic, which can cause extremely strong damage to the liver. Therefore, it is not allowed to eat moldy nut grain or Auricularia auricula which has been soaked for several days.

sweet potato taste should be slightly sweet, but the sweet potato with black spots has a bitter taste and a very poor taste. Such sweet potatoes are generally contaminated by black spots and bacteria, and their toxicity is very serious to the liver.

this kind of toxicity can not be destroyed even by cooking and baking. Whether it is eaten raw or cooked, it may cause many problems. So the sweet potato grows black spot, had better not eat again.

sprouted potatoes can’t be eaten again, mainly sprouted potatoes. In order to resist the invasion of insects on the tender buds, a large amount of solanine will be produced in the sprouts, which has certain toxicity.

as long as you take a small mouthful of solanine, it may cause body poisoning. In mild cases, tongue numbness, vomiting and diarrhea, sitting dizziness and tinnitus may cause sudden death.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that anger injures the liver, and long-term anger will lead to liver lesions. Maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude can help regulate the body’s endocrine and reduce the damage to the liver.

staying up late not only damages the liver, but also reduces its own immune function, which makes the liver unable to excrete poison normally. Therefore, you should go to sleep before 11:00 p.m. to ensure 6-8 hours of sleep.

therefore, we must focus on light diet, eat more fresh vegetables, eat less meat, control the intake of calories, maintain weight, prevent obesity, reduce the burden of liver, and liver function is becoming more and more powerful.

jogging is a sport that is easy to adhere to in many sports. Jogging can make people’s heart and lung function strong, increase muscle endurance and promote toxin excretion.

regular jogging can speed up the metabolism in the body, delay the aging speed of the body, reduce the psychological pressure, and make people feel better.