The phenomenon of “pregnancy” among female college students is generally on the rise

Thank you so lovely, still pay attention to me! Today, let’s discuss why the phenomenon of “pregnancy” among female college students is increasing. What is the reason? Talk about your opinion in the comments section!

as far as our college students are concerned, everyone is labeled with different labels, and even many college students are wearing colored glasses. Everyone looks at the problems differently. When they were in college, they were just in touch with feelings, and they were not so mature. They were only one-sided, so they often wanted to steal the forbidden fruit.

with the continuous development of society, college girls become fond of make-up and pursuit of fashion, and their ideas are gradually opened up. Then their own desires will be enlarged, and those heart of comparison will also increase. Why are more and more female students “pregnant” when they go to University? Let’s have a look!

we generally have less class time and more rest time. Most of the time, after class, college students will do what they want to do. Some boys can play basketball, some can play games, but most girls also like to play. When they meet the boys they like, they will fall into love quickly.

just because they have just entered the University and are still young girls, they can often be deceived by the rhetoric of some boys. When they think it is true love, they can easily lose control of themselves. Therefore, the phenomenon of “pregnancy” will also appear greatly. After that, the boys are irresponsible, and the girls can only blame themselves for being in trouble.

many female students enter university life. It’s easy for them to have a sense of comparison and vanity in a dormitory. Treating things they haven’t been exposed to can stimulate their strong curiosity. Those who have the heart will take advantage of their weaknesses and often make many girls unable to extricate themselves.

when they can’t control their vanity and comparison, they will try to make friends with some rich men. Some people in the society will like to make them feel very proud. After a long time, the relationship between them will be determined. They will always go to some bars, singing halls and other places. Those who do not know how to love themselves will easily become pregnant.

girls who have just entered university life are basically in line with the requirements in terms of age, but they are not so mature mentally. After meeting men and women with immature ideas, they will naturally do a lot of extraordinary things, that is, because they don’t know what love is and girls don’t know how to refuse, so the phenomenon of “pregnancy” will increase.

if you don’t know what love is, people will really regret it. Love means mutual respect for each other. Few couples in school can come to the end. Most of them break up after graduation, and there is no lack of changing their minds. We should know that true love is that they can hold each other’s hand no matter what problems they encounter, Can accompany each other.

now some girls do not do well in their studies and are unwilling to go to university. Generally speaking, the academic achievements of female students who go to university are excellent. For those like them, they plunge into the sea of knowledge in high school and will not think about falling in love, which leads to the reason for their curiosity about going to university.

it’s because they were in high school and their parents and teachers were in charge of it. When they got to the University, they didn’t care about themselves. So their desire for love was full of fantasy, and they were full of curiosity about the things between men and women. It was because of this that they were easily deceived and made themselves “pregnant”.

what I want to tell you here is that as a college student, you must respect yourself, love and respect yourself. Even if you are eager for love, don’t blindly pursue love. Don’t let yourself indulge in love. We should strive at the age when we should struggle. We should know that love will come to you in the end, which is just a matter of time. Focus