The police dog made great achievements on his first job. He spent 90 minutes on the mountain to find his mother and son, and his partner also followed him

If we want to talk about which kind of dog is the most handsome, it must be the police dog with enough skills. Although they are also dogs, they are not only good people like pet dogs, but also participate in the task of helping others and saving people. Sometimes they don’t shrink back when they are in danger of life.

a famous police dog has recently appeared in wellkalanyun, Wales. It has made great achievements in his first mission and has given his partner a lot of face.

this police dog named “Max” must have a bright future. There are not many dogs like him who can make contributions in the first mission. Even his partner, police officer Peter, can’t help but be proud: “it’s not far from promotion.”.

max, now only two years old, was sent to work in the local police station on August 1st. As a new police dog, just came to the police station also did not long ago Peter became a partner.

Peter came to the police station in February. Although there are fewer bad things, the better. But for people who are eager to make contributions, they naturally need a good partner.

so Max came to Pete’s side. Before they had enough time to communicate with each other, they met a big incident – a local mother and son had been missing for two days.

in order to find the mother and son, the police sent a large number of personnel. Max and Pete were among them, working with experienced search and rescue dog teams.

Max and Pete were assigned to search near the missing woman’s home. After searching all the hiding places nearby, Max began to relax, because there was no one there, so it would not be in vain.

as a result, the first important clue was found by another police dog in the police station. It turned out that the woman drove away from home and her car was parked on a mountain road.

“when working with Max, I didn’t think it was the first time he was on a mission.” although Max had not yet carried out the task, he did no worse than those experienced old police dogs. He ran here to smell it, then urged Pete to walk faster, sometimes even back.

it’s just that Pete was helpless at that time. He wanted to stop Max’s direction for many times, because the two had deviated from the planned route for a long time. If he didn’t finish the task, he might be criticized by the sheriff. Mike
stopped at the hillside for about 90 minutes, but it didn’t trust Pete.

Pete hurried to pacify the mother and son, while max, next to him, kept sniffing on the woman, as if to make sure that he was looking for the right person.

no matter how tired you are, you can’t hide your happiness. Max is happy that he has finally found his target and can go back to have a good meal. Peter is happy that he has finally made a great achievement, which can be regarded as a formal step into the ranks of old police officers.

in recognition of Max and Pete’s contributions, the local police department awarded them certificates of honor and decided to let them take part in more missions in the future. After all, talented people or dogs will be popular wherever they go.

cough, I think the reason why Peter can do meritorious deeds is also related to luck. However, he can trust Max unconditionally in his mission, and this luck is deserved.

as for max I made great achievements at a young age, and I believe it can perform better in the future. come on. Max~