The pregnant belly changes from big to small. Does Tai Bao “shrink bone”? These are the main factors

When pregnant mothers walk on the street, they often attract the attention of many passers-by. No matter whether the pregnant belly is large or small, pregnant mothers will always become the focus of the topic.

some pregnant mothers are pregnant for six months, and they can’t enjoy the happiness of giving up their seats on the bus even if they are pregnant in the early stage; some pregnant mothers begin to show their pregnancy after 2 months of pregnancy, and when they are in labor, their stomachs are already big enough to be unstable.

different pregnant mothers have different sizes of their pregnant stomachs. But for the same pregnant mother, the pregnant belly will be “suddenly big and then small”, just like a baby playing “bone shrinking skill”. What’s the matter?

abdominal circumference is not an important indicator for monitoring the health of Taibao during pregnancy, but it is really interesting to measure the abdominal circumference. Recalling the waist circumference of one foot eight before pregnancy, and looking at the waist circumference of more than three feet now, Feng Jia feels that pregnancy is a wonderful thing.

However, in recent weeks, Fengjia has found a trace of abnormality. After 24 weeks, the growth rate of abdominal circumference decreased, and there was even a “negative growth”, which startled Fengjia.

“what’s the matter? Is it because the baby has learned the” bone shrinking skill ” Feng Jia said with self mockery. Although on the surface self mockery, Feng Jia is still a little worried.

after consulting the doctor, Fengjia was finally relieved. It is unlikely that the longer the baby is, the smaller the size of the pregnant belly may be affected by the baby’s posture. When the baby is lying and sitting, the abdominal circumference will be different.

most pregnant women begin to show their pregnancy from April to may, but many pregnant women show their pregnancy earlier. The earliest pregnancy period is February, and some pregnant women do not show pregnancy until June.

how many months does it take to be normal? There is no fixed standard. Pregnant mothers who are pregnant too early need to pay attention to the fact that the embryo in the early pregnancy is very small, and the enlarged stomach may be due to eating too much, so as to avoid excessive nutrition during pregnancy, it is necessary to control the mouth.

most pregnant mothers who love to keep fit and have developed abdominal muscles are later pregnant. Muscle plasticity is no more than fat, not prone to bulge, the stomach also looks smaller. Don’t worry, baby’s development space is enough.

the placental position is close to the abdomen, also known as the “anterior wall of placenta”. In this case, the pregnant mother will show her pregnancy earlier, and her pregnant belly will be relatively larger. On the contrary, the pregnant mother with the placental position at the back, that is, the “posterior wall” of the placenta, will appear pregnant later, and the pregnant belly will be slightly smaller than that of the pregnant woman in the same gestational week. The anterior placenta wall and placenta previa mentioned here are not the same thing. The former placenta wall is close to the stomach, while the placenta previa is close to the cervix, which is more dangerous. Pregnant mothers should distinguish them.

the difference of pregnant belly is also related to the amount of amniotic fluid. The amniotic cavity is not directly wrapped around the fetus. The “filling” in the whole cavity is mainly amniotic fluid, and the baby is suspended in the amniotic fluid.

a pregnant mother with a wider pelvis has a more spacious abdominal space. Taibao can display her body laterally, and her pregnant belly is not too large. If her pelvis is narrow, her baby has to stretch her legs forward, which makes her stomach look bigger.

the hospital’s examination items will cover abdominal circumference and uterine height, which are usually measured from the 12th week of pregnancy. Pregnant mothers can also measure it by themselves with a soft ruler at home.

abdominal circumference is the fastest growth in 20-24 weeks, which is also the baby’s fierce long-term. Generally, it can be increased by 1.6cm per week. After 24-36 weeks, the growth rate decreases to 0.8cm/week. After 36 weeks into the basin, the growth of abdominal circumference slows down, about 0.3cm/week